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Kyla Ebbert 3: We Got What Ya Want

November 17, 2007

I don’t know if people actually think this chick looks good, or if people just know that some chick named Kyla Ebbert is out there naked that makes you all want these pictures so badly.  Seriously, does having the name make you feel like you actually know the chick?  You know that you can just switch off safe search on Google and type in “naked” or “boobs” or “butt” and get an unlimited number of nude women right?  Hell you can type in random professions like “nurse”, “cheerleader”, or “teacher” too.  You can get as specific as you want.  If you like redheads with no shoes in bondage, there is another freak on the internet that will accommodate your wishes.

Anyway, you are looking for Kyla Ebbert so here she is:


Seriously, that tan l’orange and that grill are terrible.  I mean you can tell they caked her up with makeup, turned her to the side to try to minimize that nose piece, then probably still had to airbrush the hell out of her to pull it together.  She’s even stilling in that “lean back and keep your stomach tight” pose so she didn’t pop her muffin top out of those draws.  The boobs are clearly fake too.  I’m not one to deny the people what they want though.  You can find the full pictorial HERE.



Kyla Ebbert Part 2: Dough Before Clothes

November 16, 2007

UPDATE: We found them.  Click HERE for our post with Kyla’s Playboy Photos. 

Us Versus Them covered Kyla Ebbert being kicked off of Southwest Airlines for dressing too suggestively months ago, but now she’s done it again. Miss Ebbert is stretching out her fifteen minutes of fame, and apparently also her legs as she has decided to pose nude for Playboy.

We have the Us Versus Them interns working feverishly to get you all what you want. Until then we will hold you over with these.


There’s our party girl throwing up the Shocker. So now we know she keeps it classy.


You know by now that she is the Orange one right? Apparently she is on the way to a Nassatal Halloween party with her two girls. Seriously, why is she carrying a purse, she’s not planning on leaving the house is she? She really would have gotten kicked off the plane for this outfit.

Come back later, we’ll find and post the pics. Click on the main page, or scroll down. We’ve got plenty of ladies to hold you over. Until then, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will she wear the green sweater?


Yikes, the Playboy retouchers are going to have their work cut out for them.

Inquiring minds want to know.


===================Bullshit Half Update=======

My Intern, someone we like to call “The Headless Chick(en)” just gave me this.


Sure, it’s just a comparison pic with the old babe on the left and the lingerie babe on the right, but I do appreciate the enhanced J work and that ultra skrong stomach piece. I know, I know, I need to fire my intern for not delivering the real actual Playboy pics, I’m thinking on it.

Here’s a link to the rest of the promotional lingerie pics. Think she hit the gym for this one? Someone holler at me when the sex tape comes out… Predictable, but I do enjoy it. We’ll get after those real deal Holyfiield joints soon enough. I mean, the lingerie joints are fine, but everyone knows that Rule No. 2 at UvT is and always has been, “skin it to win it.” More later…

– Lake

Watch Your Back Allison Stokke, Here Comes Jenn Sterger

November 8, 2007

NEW ALLISON STOKKE PICS HERE.  She’s at Cal and looking better than ever.


When I was busy predicting #2 Boston College’s loss to Florida State last weekend I went searching for the kind of motivation they have down there at Florida State. Although I am the Google King and can find any damn thing you want on the Internet I kept coming up with the same chicks.


Here’s the pleasant surprise. The main girl I kept finding is named Jenn Sterger, and the reason she is everywhere is that she made herself famous in about 15 seconds with a nice rack and a cowgirl hat.


I guess she flipped that into her and her girls becoming the FSU cowgirls. Turned it into a whole schtick. Complete with Saturday outfits and cowgirl hats. She wasn’t ready to let her fifteen seconds of fame go yet, so she tried to go legit. Here are some modeling pics:



Nice Body, great J’s, even a little tail piece back there to keep Brock interested. You all know how this story goes. Then Maxim got a hold of her. Like Petey Greene would say, they turned her out just a twang, they twanged it.


Got that girl rocking nothing but a bikini bottom and one of those chain doors from the 70’s. You know Hugh Hefner and Playboy couldn’t lay off on heat like that. Hef was probably looking to add her to the harem is shed dye her hair in line with company policy, so they got a hold of her next. The NSFW pics are here and here. Nice Boots!

Where does she go from here? She started her own website in an attempt to stay legit. I sure hope it works out, otherwise a cat like Lake might get a hold of her and she’ll end up featured in his sex tape articles.

Quick Question on Lake’s sex tape articles…If Lake never watches ’em, how does he find em? Riddle me that.


Unbelievable Uber Chick: Vida Guerra

August 2, 2007


This post is a direct request from one of our loyal readers, Chico in Dallas. He asked me why we hadn’t been representing the super slim-thick, uber chicks of Latin descent on the site. Our response was that we didn’t know and that it was our only problem.


Problem solved. Some love the polished, air-brushed and touched up pictures for the fantasy they provide. But with Vida Gurra, I prefer the grainy truth from her own cell phone.




And these aren’t even the racy ones.


Crazy. I’m not sure any human can top this babe. Tail, face, just everything is completely on point. I guess you could take away a 1/2 point for the enhanced chest piece, but still…. This is just out of control. She makes Kim Kardashian look like Ashley Simpson. Insane.

– Lake in Love


Lakey-boy, you readmy mind. Here she is on the cover of Dub Magazine this month. (Anyone got a better pic?)