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College Football Preview: Michigan v. Ohio State

November 17, 2007

Wow, I told you two weeks ago that Oregon had a tough one on Thursday night.  It just keeps getting tougher too.  Not only did Oregon have their national title hopes shattered by unranked Arizona, but they also lost their Heisman candidate Dennis Dixon for the rest of the season.  Really tough loss.   Which brings me to the question:

Do the Oregon Cheerleaders have 200 outfit choices too?


Surprisingly decent looking chicks for the Pacific Northwest.

Looking at the matchups today, obviously Michigan v. Ohio State is the big game of the day.  In what could should be Lloyd Carr’s last game and will be Henne, Hart and Big Jake Long’s last game, Michigan should have a punchers chance if Henne and Hart actually start.  In fact, after bouncing on the sidelines like a kid missing his Ritalin last weekend, there is no way Hart doesn’t start today.  I’ve seen him check himself into games before, and today is his day.  With that said, Michigan has to be clicking on all cylinders to beat the Ohio State juggernaut.

The BIGGEST game of the week though is Duke at Notre Dame.


I mean this is the Duke Football Team’s chance to win one for the ages.  To come from the consensus worst team in the nation, winning just 4 games since 2003, and nothing at all last season.  Prior to 2003 they put together a multiple season losing streak, and now we have the chance to take down one of the most storied programs in football history.

Also, it is creeping up again, parity is forcing all the teams that looked like they were going to get frozen out of the National Championship game back into the picture.  Remember when we were about to watch Boston College v. South Florida for the national championship?  Well, now we are about to get Kansas v. Oklahoma, because LSU has to make it through the rest of the SEC and Arkansas to make it to New Orleans.  If they do, they roll, but the door is still open.


Club Banger for this weekend: Wipe Me Down

November 9, 2007

We were just sitting around doing what we do. Young Brock was talking about whether Chaz Weis was going to pick up a win against USA this weekend when the underdogs in their own stadium, Notre Dame, take on Air Force.


Anyway, I was looking at my Gucci and figured it was about that time to talk about the exciting weekend I had planned. I’ve got a lot to do next week, so you best believe this weekend will be streets infested. And when I’m in the streets or at the club, there is nothing I want to hear more than this joint by Weebie, Lil Fox and probably some dude named “Lem” or something.. Anyway, here is goes. Your Lake Arlington special for the car, pod or club.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just too good..too perfect and yes, too ignant. I love it. Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes..

– Lakey the street runner

Notre Dame loses to Navy, Chaz Weis officially sucks

November 5, 2007

What a fucking joke. “You’re doing a heckuva Job Charlie”.


(Only this clown actually believes in ND anymore..Sadaam aint dead, he’s in a cave somewhere with Bin Laden and 2pac playing Playstation 3)

This is the savior of Notre Dame Football? This is the guy who had the audacity to say, “people better enjoy it now,” with reference to the performance of his deplorable football team? This is the guy who wrote a book about his greatness after one year as a head football coach? This is the guy who called up journalist and told them that college coaches wouldn’t be able to X and O with him? Yes.. This is THAT GUY. The same guy who has lead his Notre Dame football team to their worst year EVER?! The same guy who just lost to Navy despite having a full two weeks to prepare for them?


I know, I know, Notre Dame just needs to get in Weis players, then they’ll have the athletes to compete with anyone. It’s just a talent issue. Well, they had the most talent on the field today by far and Weis still fucking lost!


I mean, did you see those little Navy dudes walk up for that coin toss? It was like a made for tv movie. A bunch of little Rudy clones going up against fine tuned division I athletes who came to college FOR football.


No, sorry. Charlie Weis just sucks as a head football coach. He’s just not built for this level of play. Sure, he’s great with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick helping him out. He’s ok, not hot, with Ty Willingham’s recruits, but what about his? Where are his guys? And if he had “his players in” would it really matter? Weis makes play calls that even an average football fan can see are asinine.


For instance, it was blatantly obvious that the Navy defense couldn’t stop the Notre Dame running game. So what did Chaz do? He started passing. Navy kicked Notre Dame’s butt all over the field and the Navy coach tried his best to lose it, he really did. End of the day, Chaz Weis’ coaching was just bad enough to hold off ND and allow Navy to beat them. I mean, Chaz goes for it when he should be kicking field goals. He passes when the situation clearly calls for a run. He runs it when it’s obvious that they need a pass.


Did yall see that wild “Superman that hoe” sack that Navy dude caught on the ND QB? Crazy. Next up Air Force…. it’s hilarious. Air Force is actually favored in this game, even though it’s at Notre Dame Stadium. Hell, even Touch Down Jesus thinks Weis is an inept asshole.


If Notre Dame has any integrity at all (which we know they don’t) they’ll fire Chaz at the end of the season.

– Hatin’ Lake

Sorry Charlie…Notre Dame still sucks

October 20, 2007
I walk these empty streets, on the boulevard of broken dream,
where the city sleeps and I’m the only one and I walk alone

Surprise, surprise, in case you didn’t know, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish got their candy asses handed to them on Saturday, 38-0, by No. 13 USC.


Further proof that whenever ND plays anybody of any worth, they get completely dominated, like they’re the JV out there or something. Can you imagine what would happen if they ever played a team like LSU? It’d be crazy.

The self styled, author, scholar, philosopher, offensive guru and super motivator Charles Weis started Evan Sharply over of the supposed can’t miss high school Quarterback and consensus class of 2007 number 1 recruit Jimmy Clausen. But that still didn’t help. Notre Dame scored no points and had one 20 yard pass play to hang their hats on by the end of the game.

Charlie said that he’s open to “trying new things” (ya think?) to try and improve the team’s production. Word on the street is that they’ll be starting this cat next:


I heard he can throw a pigskin or steak a quarter mile, so maybe they’ll have a chance when they try to best NAVY this week.


(This is basically how the season has gone, Charlie plays himself and Lucy is the rest of College football)

But Weis is as confident as Kanye, you literally can’t tell him nothing. He’s talking like TO on game day, only with no talent or charisma. Pretty hilarious actually.


“Let me say people better enjoy it now,” Weis grumbled during his post game press conference after the USC beating. Believe me Chuck, we are… In fact, I’m laughing at you right now. LOL. You suck, I love it and what’s even more hilarious is that I’m pretty sure next year will be more of the same. Can’t wait to see ya get fired. Here’s some humble pie, the one thing (along with that crow I’ll be serving you next season) in this world you don’t love to stuff down you throat.


Can you imagine if this fool actually loses to Duke or Stanford? His silly ass will be out there looking like Anikan Skywalker right before he kicked.


That will be a happy day.

– Hatin’ Lake