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Lake Just Got a New Car

July 21, 2008



Vanilla Ice take the wheel…

April 10, 2008

Now see, this is what gives us cool white dudes a bad name. Cats just have to learn to stay in their lane, play it cool and you’ll get the best of both worlds as a down ass white dude. This cat, I mean, WOW, this is just fucking deplorable, but HILARIOUS. If you can stand it to wait for that second verse, please do. I mean, it took me that long to begin to actually laugh. I think prior to that I was just in shock. Haa, wow.

Wow. Somebody call child protection, the bloods, crips and the aryan brotherhood. All four entities need to give this fool a good once over. Awful.

– Lake


All I want to know is, where the hell did this kid get the “Let it Burn” instrumental from?  I’m sure he did Usher proud with that one.  And what was that date he kept dropping?  The first time he hunched this chick out in front of his white fence?

The Backstreet “men” are back, alright?

October 31, 2007

I was bumping around my tivo, just looking for something to watch over a bowl of gumbo (yes, gumbo) and I ran across the Backstreet Boys doing an interview about their upcoming album. Are these cats serious? Ok, I must admit, I’m a little bitter about the Backstreet men. These cats are the official markers of an era I’d rather forget. was the beginning of the end for the cool white dude. These cats were not good for my street credibility.


First off, why does this one cat have on non-matching velcro shoes. Second, the best cat in this group (and by best I of course mean WORST) is that fool on the far left. Ha. If there is a more ridiculous cat in music industry, can someone please tell me who he is?


Look at this cat’s facial expression.  Nilla Please!!!!  And let’s be clear. If there was ever a white dude who needs to embrace the concept of bangs. It’s this fool.


What’s the name of the album, “Outta Money?” I know, I know, they may not be big in the US but they’re huge in Tokyo, Singapore and Prague. Well, “the Hoff” is huge in Germany and I just heard that UvT is pretty damn big in Saudi Arabia (did I ever mention that I’m a kabob guy?) so I guess I shouldn’t throw international stones.


And yes I know that one of the dudes is no longer in the group. He had the good sense to save his money errrr move on to other things. Is it just me or are the two blond dudes the same cat and how exactly did Nick Lachey go from terrible boy bander to rich dude who runs around and bangs out stars? Odd.

– Lake