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Kobe Does it Jackass Style

May 29, 2008

We saw Kobe jump the Aston Martin, but he’s not done. Check this out:

Nike does it again. They are figuring out how to create viral video. I guess Kobe is fun again. They’ve got him switching shoes at halftime of games talking about how he wanted to be comfortable and get in rhythm in the first half, then wanted to take the game over so he switched to the Black Mambas in the second half. That is actually funny and great selling.

That is a far cry from this:

Damn. I almost forgot how icy Vanessa was. Whoooooo weeeeee. Kobe paid the price on that one.

By the way. Why is it just the fringe Jackasses still doing this shit? Where’s Johnny Knoxville? Where is Steve-O? These are just the dumbasses who will do anything.


Kobe Bryant Has Hops

April 15, 2008

Check this video of Kobe Bryant:

Do I believe it is real?  No.  Could Kobe really do that?  Probably.  Is this a great attempt at viral marketing by Nike?  Definitely.

I’ll tell you what though.  This was absolutely not fake…just filthy as hell.