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The Mentality of the Masses

February 3, 2008

With the Superbowl going down in just a few hours, and Super Tuesday just 72 hours away, we have a unique opportunity to look at the mentality of the American people. Here’s the basic story, when it comes to a competitive event, Us Versus Them if you will, there are two kinds of people in the world. There are people who will decide on, and stick with, who they want to win.  Then there are people who just want to pick the eventual winner…just so they can be right about their choice. Let’s look at sports first.


So this weekend we’ve got the Patriots v. the Giants. So here’s how the camps break down. There are the die hard fans. You know, the people who either grew up in the NY or Boston. They’ve been fans all their lives. The dudes who have Pats gear with that terrible minuteman in the three point stance. These are dyed in the wool fans, they will support their team no matter how bad the odds are. You know, the Notre Dame fan who thinks they have a chance every single weekend, the Green Bay fan that won’t watch tomorrow because the Golden Boy, Brett Favre threw the season away in overtime, the Mets fan that had their playoff dreams dashed as they watched one of the worst implosions in baseball history last September.  Or this guy, I’m thinking he would root for the Pats even if they were 0-18 (impossible I know) instead of 18-0.

Don’t get me wrong I know the pain well, every March I struggle with tossing the Blue Devils out in the round of 16 or 8 where they should go out of the tourney, or picking them to go all the way. Is there anything potentially worse than not picking your team to go all the way and seeing them win? I mean what kind of fan would you be if you didn’t have faith? So in sports it is cool, what is the big deal, right? But when you apply this to politics, that is when it gets dangerous.


No one knows better than Rudy Guiliani. I mean this cat forgot the number one rule of the masses. People think what they are told to think. Rudy G tried to get fancy and pretend like Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina didn’t matter. Wrong…wrong. By time they got to Florida, Rudy was already a loser. Once they said he was losing in the late polling he was really in trouble. Here’s where it comes in…even the people who believed Rudy G was the right candidate wanted to vote for the winner. Who wants to be on the losing team? When you go the casino, you aren’t rewarded for picking what you believe, you win for picking the winner.

So who knows who the winner is ahead of time?  That’s the problem, the media, their polls, the stories that are written, the soundbytes that are edited for youtube proliferation; and that is the stuff that gets to people who actually care.  I bet if I walked into a Michigan or Florida mall and asked ten random people why the Democratic votes didn’t count in the primary, I’d be lucky to find one.  I’m still pissed about that by the way.  Look, I wanted to know, I sought out the answers and it still took me a few days to sort it out.  I bet if you asked people throughout the nation who has more delegates in the race for the Democratic nomination, most people would say Hillary because she “won” Michigan and Florida.


Yeah, Brock got as many delegates as Hillary did in those two states, which is only one less than Rudy Giuliani got, and I didn’t have to spend  $60 Million to get there.

So tonight, go with your gut.  I’m pulling for the Patriots because I want to see history, I want to see if the ’72 Dolphins invite Brady and the boys to their champagne toasts.  But if the Falcons were in the big game, you best believe that all better judgment would be gone and I’d be pulling from the home town boys.  As far as the election is concerned, pull for who you believe in, win or lose.  You’ll feel better in the morning.


By they way…it’s 2:00…they just started the Fox Pregame.  Kickoff is over four hours from now, is there seriously that much to say?  We’ll be talking about Tom Brady’s neighbors cat before all this is said and done.

Eddie Murphy Does NFC Championship Post Game Coverage

January 22, 2008

Eddie is better than Emmitt Smith, that’s for sure.


NFL Playoff Preview

January 5, 2008

Wild card weekend is coming and there are some interesting matchups.  Before we get there though, I know Lake has already covered the Patriots and their perfect season of dominance, but there is one more issue I have.  I know football is a rough game.  I know that the playoffs are truly all that matters.  I know when someone who gets hurt in a game when they shouldn’t have been on the field, the coach is questioned.  I also know that the only reason that Belichek left his guys in is the fact that he has three fresh Championship rings on his fingers and a hoodie pouch full of AFC championship rings.  But my man Herm said it best:

You don’t play to play, you play to win.   I think this is especially true in football.  If you have the first week off, win that last game.  Rest turns to rust as far as I’m concerned.

Like the Colts had no damn reason to lose to the Titans, especially with Kerry Collins in the saddle.  That can’t be good for the team. The Colts have the best chance to beat the Pats…and they lost to the lo ass Titans?  Come on.  You aren’t even coming in strong.

There is no better way to go from this:


Looking like a champ and playing like a beast…

to this:


Looking and feeling like a punk.

With that sad lets get to the matchups.  Let’s start with the Giants and Tampa Bay.

You know Eli can’t win right?  Sure, the Bucs are out of a weak NFC South, but they are on a roll and I just don’t believe in the Giants right now.  They had an opportunity to clinch this playoff spot since long about week 12 and couldn’t close the deal.  THEN they got drug for the sake of history last week.  Embarrassing really.

Tennessee v. San Diego

All Norv Turner and San Diego need is one playoff win to retroactively prove that it was a good idea to fire a coach that went 14-2 but can’t coach a playoff game to save his life (or job for that matter).  Unfortunately for the Chargers, Norv Turner has a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so be careful.  But, a Titans team without Vince Young is all you can really ask for.  That is the weakest team in the playoffs so the Chargers should roll.

Washington v. Seattle

This is another decent game, but Washington should roll.  They have put together a nice little streak here at the end of the season.  Seattle hasn’t looked like Seattle in years (or is that they’ve gone back to the Seahawks we all know and love?)  Anyway, I’ve got the Skins and their racist, but not as racist as Chief Wahoo logo.

Jacksonville v. Pittsburgh

This is the marquee matchup of this weekend.  These teams should be rough, it should be physical, and the winner has a legit shot at beating one of the division leaders.  Although Pittsburgh has the history and the playoff swagger I think the Jags get em.  One caveat though.  Mike Tomlin is the UvT coach of the year just for simultaneously looking like he could replace Billy Dee in a colt 45 commercial and like he could strap on the pads and go whoop ass on the field at any moment.  He is on the sideline slapping high fives and chest bumping his team like he is watching from home, not coaching.  If he does this during the game:


I switch my pick to Pittsburgh.  You a smooth muthafucka Mike.