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Cristiano Ronaldo is the Dumbest Sumbitch on the Planet!!!!

July 14, 2008

Not to rain on our 1,000th post (word up to my boy Brock and all our readers), but post 1,001 refused to wait to present itself.  Shouts to my girl DC Jabberz for putting me on to this.  Anyway, this fool Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United fame just dumped his uber chick girlfriend Nereida Gallardo.  WTF, we just posted on her international thickness and how bad the babe is, and now he’s handing her a pink slip?  And while I generally steer clear of the too much gay shat for me site Perezhilton, I gotta give it up to them for this apropos pic on the situation:

Lol..  Pretty funny and yes, with Perez, you always get the gratuitious extra gay angle on every dude in the news.  Anyway, I think ole Cris forgot who he was dealing with.  I mean, this chick is up for baddest babe on the planet right now.  Need I remind you?

My word… and more.

Jesus, talk about 31 flavors, but can she reverse it?  Yall know the answer..

Help me father…  Dude, either this cat is getting some premium yet to be discovered uber ass that I can’t even envision or this is one dumb mufucka.  I don’t care what the chick did.  I mean, short of her banging out Mini Me AND coming down with some incurable disease, you NEVER…EVER let this kind of asset go.  Not for 5 years at least.  I mean, dude.. this chick is AMAZING and damn near flawless.

Like, what else is there to happiness?

He’s got all the money he can spend.  I mean, what does this cat what from the broad? And don’t forget, we have NSFW evidence that she’s certified bad to the bone!

Is her service in from the wing not up to snuff?  Is her first touch a bit sloppy?  Does she fail to make timely runs from the back?  I mean, what could it be that this dude needs from a babe that she can’t supply?

On second thought… Forget that I asked.  How do you say idiot in Portuguese?

– Lake

International Thickness: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Lady is SICK

July 1, 2008

I spend plenty of time looking around the internet at different things.  At this point, I feel like looking at all these chicks all the time, I’ve gotten a warped sense of beauty.  So warped that, let’s face it, I actually tricked myself into thinking that Angel Lola Luv’s gelly ass could possibly be real.  Still, every now and again you see a babe that just blows the roof off your expectations.  It’s not wonder she came in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo.


Uhhhh, hello!  Dammit, how does this happen?  I mean, how does a babe get so slim-thick like this?  Dammit, let me get that angle two:

Yikes!  You know a babe is bad when even her “rolls” and creases look magically deliciious.  Look at that meaty midsection.  Goodness.  But how are the backs treating us?

Hello!  That’s right like a JJ Redick three ball from the corner.  My goodness.  And of course there’s more:

Man, all you can do is envy this cat.  I mean, he’s literally got it all.  He’s wanted by every chick in the world.  His current lady is bad as shit and he’ll just continue to re-up with the newer, younger version of her as they become of age year after year.  No wonder he’s content to put it all in our faces:

Go ahead Cris.  I don’t blame you for flicking us off.  I’d be pissed too if the general public interrupted my quiet enjoyment of this babe.  Wait, I gotta ask again, are yall seeing her farging J game? No…well here are those Nereida Gallardo NOT SAFE FOR WORK shots Here, here, here and here…and trust me, they are STUPENDOUS!!! Goodness.