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A Very Special UvT Message: NBA Finals Edition

June 17, 2008

As basketball season comes to a close and “the drought” aka the only damn thing on is baseball season begins it is time for us to reflect on the NBA. Now last year I was always asking “Why are you still in the league?”, but the NBA Finals are a special time. Then NBA finals produce two kinds of players. Legends of the game who go down in the annals of history…

…and muthafuckas that don’t deserve a ring.

For every Michael Jordan, there is a Jason Caffey. For every Kobe and Shaq, there is a Mark “Mad Dog” Madsen.

See that muthafucka knows he did not deserve that ring.

This year we have Scot Pollard.

That is why the Celtics can’t win. That muthafucka there is gets more than “Why the hell are you still in the league? He gets a full on That muthafucka. Does not. Deserve. A ring.

There it is. Celtics can’t win.

I’m just sayin’



OK.  So the Celtics won.  Did anyone notice that this asshole Scot Pollard changed into uniform at halftime?  What a dick.  I guess he wanted to make it look like he actually had something to do with the win.

Scot, the last game you played was in February…and it was only for 7 minutes.  You were declared out for the season on March 5th.  You had street clothes on in the first half.  What was it like to be in the locker room up by twenty and say…hmmm…we’re about to get the chip.  Maybe I should look like an actual player.  You can sleep with that?


Down Goes Pierce!!!

June 5, 2008

Looks like the Big 3 just got cut down to the Big 2.

Paul Pierce just went down with a twisted knee. I’m sure the Lakers don’t want to win like that.



Pierce is back already. Trying to pull off a Willis Reed moment. He was back on the court after three minutes. Does that make him a warrior for working through the pain? Or is he a bitch for having to get carted off in a wheelchair for an injury where all he needed was a rubber knee brace? You tell me. The big three is back at full strength.