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Kobe Bryant Has Hops

April 15, 2008

Check this video of Kobe Bryant:

Do I believe it is real?  No.  Could Kobe really do that?  Probably.  Is this a great attempt at viral marketing by Nike?  Definitely.

I’ll tell you what though.  This was absolutely not fake…just filthy as hell.



Andrew Bogut Knows the Sound of One Hand Clapping

April 4, 2008

I get the whole team thing, but I honestly don’t understand the huddle after every free throw or the high five every time they shoot.  You hit the shot…get a high five.  You miss the shot…get a high five.  At least in college they pretend like they are calling in the next play, or getting focused for the next exchange.  In the NBA it all seems like pure BS.

Well, I guess either Andrew Bogut or his teammates agree.  Peep this free throw by Bogut.

I mean his team didn’t even try to dap him up.  So that dude just handled his own business.  At least he knows it is all absurd.


UvT Sports: This Is How You Man Up on D

March 5, 2008


Correction. This is how not to man up on D.

Kyle, what the hell is that. Rashad McCants isn’t even dunking. That looks like a pull up floater. You can’t duck out of the way of a pull up floater. And who is that lo ass cat standing behind them? Is he a midget?

Kyle Korver looks like all those old school voters in Ohio did when they got in that booth and seriously thought about actually voting for Barack Obama for President.


I know Hillary. You aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.