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Indiana Hoops fans finally have something to smile about

March 6, 2008

No, it’s not the hoops team, it’s this news we got about this IU student/cheerleader with a perfect body who went ahead and took all her clothes off. We didn’t really comment on the whole Kelvin Sampson debacle because the whole thing seemed pretty silly to us. I mean, yes, dude was an idiot for making all those illegal calls, especially after he got busted at Oklahoma, but there are far worse things you can do in recruiting and life than lob a few kids too many phone calls.


Anyway, it’s no surprise that Indiana Basketball fans have been pretty down right now. Eric Gordon is a guaranteed one and done, DJ White is graduating and the coaching situation there hasn’t been right since the late 90’s. As such, we figured we’d do something to cheer you guys up like highlight one of your own… Yep, not since Jimmy Chitwood hit that final shot in Hoosiers have I been this excited about an Indiana native. Not only that but this babe is a hot cheer leading butter face who happens to have the best body I’ve seen in all of 2008. We’ll start slowly. Here’s the whole squad.


Butterface credentials please:


I know, I know, completely useless. I mean, you see some potential talent around that IU symbol, but nothing to break your stride over…right? That is, until you get a little more body and place her right next to a stand issue, probably 8 to 12 pounds too heavy, IU cheerleader that we otherwise have absolutely no use for:


Very nice and that shade of crimson really brings out the definition in that waist to ass ratio.

Then for some reason that we don’t know or really care about, this same babe started taking her clothes off. Uhh, they don’t call it a butterface for nothing. On this chick, EVERYTHING looks GREAT But Her Face! Peep it.

Let me guess, she works out. Now from what we can see (or as you will see later), everything is real. Let’s face it, that chest, to waist to tail ratio is off the meters:


Even Kelvin got it. Damn, ladies, first off, someone call KFC. Secondly, this babe is proof that if you build it, they definitely will come.




Now we know the real reason why Eric Gordon switched schools.


My question is who’s the cat on the camera. You know he’s blazing this babe. I wonder if there’s any information we missed:


Right, predictably the babe is crazy flexible too. Would you look at those thighs? And the clear stripper heels are a nice touch. Look, what isn’t conveyed though these semi safe for work pics is how dope her top game is. This babe has a perfect rack piece. I mean, this is definitely what Kelly Rowland was looking for when she threw those full C’s on herself. If you want to check those out and plenty of others, you can find the NSFW joints HERE.

Go Hoosiers…?

– Lake