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Playground Style Justice: A Judge Flips a Coin to Decide a Case

November 7, 2007


A judge in Virginia was hearing a custody case and thought it would be a good idea to see who got the kid for Christmas this year by flipping a coin. He promptly got fired behind that one.

Nice. Way to uphold the legal profession on that one. That gives judges about the same level of trust as bribe taking referees, dirty cops, and old school mob “insurance” salesmen. Seriously though, the legal system can definitely seem like pure alchemy to the general public but this is just embarrassing. Judges make decisions based on fairness and the evidence in front of them. This cat basically showed that he didn’t give a damn how it turned out. Who did this cat think he was? Was he about to break out eeny, meenie, miney, moe? One Potato, Two Potato? Make them take a shot from the three point line? Rock, Paper, Scissors? He’s talking about a child and custody here. He deserves to get kicked off of the bench.

What an idiot.