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Miss USA Doesn’t Quite Stick the Landing

July 15, 2008

I haven’t watched one of these “beauty” pageants since I used to think “Turkey” and “Hungary” were the most hilarious names for countries that I had ever heard.  Exactly, jokes that make six year-olds laugh.  It has been a long long time.  Well, Miss USA did our country proud last night, when she decided to try to pull a triple-lindy in the middle of the evening gown competition.

Nicely done Miss Crystle Stewart.  So once I saw her fall, it was on to the important stuff.  Is she fine?

Cute.  Too much make-up for a brother, but she’s a good looking girl.  Longtime UvT readers know good and well that I’m not calling this contest until I get a full body shot.

Now that is a strong effort right there.  Skinny chick no doubt, but she’s athletic enough to look like she might be working with something.  Damn, I hate to see a sista go out like that, but she can feel good, at least she didn’t go out like Miss South Carolina.  There’s always that.