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Broke as a Joke: Vick Files for Bankruptcy

July 8, 2008

Damn, Mike Vick just filed for bankruptcy today.  Aint that a bitch.  Now that he’s in jail, tucked away tight for giving his boys a dog fighting business, don’t you feel safe?

jeez.  Look, I’m a dog lover.  I’ve got a dog.  I don’t want my dog to be abused, but dude, this cat didn’t deserve to have his life taken away, along with his freedom and all his damn money behind some dogs.  I know, I know, it’s a law and order society.  Then why isn’t the Worst President Ever in jail?

Terrible.  Mike, get up Mike.

Someone hand this cat a helmet.

– Lake


Now see, this just makes Vick reporting to jail early even worse.  Didn’t he know he needed to line someone up to open his mail and pay his bills?  What is Marcus doing these days?  Actually, he probably just found out it is time for him to move.  This is a damn shame, where’s the entourage?  I’m sure his boys were lined up to be “Driver”, “Weed…errrrrrr…water bottle holder”, and “Wingman” aka “second chair hoe gatherer”, but no one wanted to sign up as “bill payer” aka “make sure my shit is still here when I get back-er”.  That’s fucked up.

Damn I miss my dogs.