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That’s why we pray: Mitt takes Michigan

January 16, 2008

Mitt won’t tell you he had to have Michigan, but quietly, homey needed that win really bad.


Look, I have no idea what people in Michigan are thinking beyond name recognition, after all, Mitt’s pops was the Governor there back when he was running around with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young ‘n dem.


Because as I understand it, Michigan is all about economic turnaround. So you pick Mitt to hook it up? Why, because he was a venture capitalist? How did that help people in Massachusetts? Anyway, nice win and let’s see how you do against Huckabee in South Carolina. Not sure how a plastic, bottle tanned Ken Doll will go over down there… Not sure how Big Love goes over either.  Well, at least not formally.  More later…

– Lake