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Michael Phelps is one Hungry MF’er

August 15, 2008

MIchael Phelps is dominating in Beijing, and is now one of the most dominant Olympic athletes ever.  That would be great if anyone still cared about the Olympics.

I won’t lie, they guy is entertaining to watch.  It is fun to see someone dominate every single event he’s in.  Can you really be the best at everything?  This is like someone on the track winning the 100, the hurdles, the 200, the 400, and the long jump.  Carl Lewis came close, but not quite.

So Phelps just let people know what he eats in a single day in order to keep enough fuel in his body through all these races.  Here’s the list of what he throws down to hit his target 12,000 calories a day.


  • three fried-egg sandwiches, with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise.
  • two cups of coffee and a five egg omelet
  • a bowl of grits
  • three slices of French toast with powdered sugar on top
  • three chocolate chip pancakes.


  • entire box of pasta
  • two large ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread with lots of mayo.
  • 1,000 calories of protein shake


  • another entire box of pasta
  • entire pizza
  • another protein shake

How do you even sit down to eat all that?  He told NBC that all he does is eat, swim and sleep.  After looking at that list, there must be a lot of deuce dropping involved as well.  You just can’t burn off that much pure volume.

He better watch out for all of that mayonaise though.  Otherwise he might have a different profile once he retires from swimming.