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Big Brother 10: Dan is a Genius

September 11, 2008

Big Brother 10 is winding down.  As always, it always seems more interesting at the beginning than it does at the end, and the most interesting people get kicked out first.  We needed Ollie and April to keep bucking it on out on camera [NSFW] just to keep it interesting, but alas they are getting their freak on in the sequester house now.  Where if they were getting loose while they were on camera, you know they are getting completely wild now.

So here’s where it is.  Dan, Memphis and Jerry are the only ones left in the house.  Jerry, the token old guy has no chance in hell.

That dude ain’t winning.  Not at all.

Who else is there?  Memphis?

Yeah, the professional “mixologist” will probably end up being the dude sitting next to Dan, but Dan has been using Memphis to look like the bad dude for the last few weeks.  He’s also played Memphis to make him look like a bad player.  Also, this dude wears deeper v neck shirts than any of the women in the house.  That is completely unacceptable.

Speaking of the ladies, the last woman standing was Keesha.

No she’s not worried.  She always makes that face for some reason.  She was supposed to be one of the hot girls, but you know what, she’s really not.  She’s missing a tooth over there on the right side.  That’s not hot.

You know who is about to win though?  Dan.

This dude as been running some high level game on everyone for the entire game and the crazy thing is everything he’s done has worked.  He threw challenges when he needed to, then he turned it on and dominated every challenge when he needed to.  And he called his shots to the cameras the whole time.  He might be the best player since Dr. Will.  Look, he’s not running any Chill Town level smack, but he’s working for the fans in there.

The only thing that could go down is Memphis winning the final challenge and snaking Dan to keep Jerry in the house for the loot.  I don’t think Memphis has got it in him though.  Dan wins.  He might sweep this thing if he plays his cards right.

I need that Chill Town recap now.