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Lil Weezy off the market?

November 29, 2007

I read this mess on a gossip blog so you know it’s gotta be true (or completely fabricated, oh well). But according to Bossip, Lil Wayne has purchased an engagement ring for Lauren London.


(Crickets) Yeah, right, I don’t know who the hell that is either. She’s the babe who played Turtle’s girlfriend for like 1.6 episodes on The Entourage.


Riiight, thaat chick. Anyway, I’m not so sure I believe this. First, we aint never seen Bird Man Jr. with this chick, I mean, not never. Second, she’s cute and attractive and all, but, Lil Weezy is from New Orleans. That means, he’s used to chicks with that thunder. I mean, homey keeps a thick chick in his video, he was smashing Trina (after Baby was though..yuck) and I don’t know, I just feel like Weezy and I have the same taste in women. So of course that brings us to the ultimate question:

Is Lauren London a UvT Quality babe? Because lord knows Lil Weazy shouldn’t be messing with ole girl if she isn’t.


Now, you knee jerk cats will immediately say, YES!!! I mean look at her. The babe is in fact tight. Pretty face, purty hair and it’s something about that wide “Bad Newz Kennels” inspired pitbull in a skirt stance she rocks with the extra wide hip that just be talking to a nilla…


Let’s stop for a second, she looks DOPE in this shot. We need to file this joint under when hood goes good..WOW.

But the rest of her… I’m just not sure. Like this picture for instance.


Oh, no no no.. see something here just aint right. It’s like when you bite into the Sweet Potato Pie and suddenly realize, oh no.. it’s Pumpkin!!! You try to make it taste right, feel right.. but it just aint the same. And no, it’s not just one bad angle.


(Better, but still no)

Hmm, just reminds me of that famous line by Jigga Man aka Jay Z in battle anthem The Takeover against Nas.. “One was naaah the other was illmatic, that one hot album every ten years average”. Her tail is just uhh, nahh, eeeeh for me. I have a hard time rejecting her from the UvT quality crew, but right now, it’s just a no. Sorry, it’s just not good enough at this point. For real, it’s like the Hall of Fame, if you have to make an argument for a chick, she aint good enough. Like for instance, I’m going to show you two pictures. First think Lauren London, then:


Bang, now you understand what we’re talking about here. Jessica Biel leaves no question. Oh, that backside pic is too easy you say? Keep it rollin intern.


Boom..Meagan Good.. I mean, if all you ever saw of this babe was this picture, she’d still be on your top 5 baddest babes ever list.

Maybe next time Lauren. Damn, I feel bad, but only because we’re talking about Lil Wayne and his potential wifey. Tell you what, I’ll go ahead and throw out the challenge flag on myself and let Brock review it up in the booth, see if the call on the field stands or not.


More later….



Lake, my nilla.  You have really put up a tough one here.  At first I thought we had missed one, but the third eye of UvT never lies.  I know I didn’t let one slip past me.  In order to overturn the call on the field, I’m going to need indisputable evidence otherwise.  I ran back the footage a few times and there’s not much there.  (evidence or tail)


I don’t have the perfect angle, but the call on the field stands.  She’s out.  I tell you what isn’t up for debate.  The fact that Cassie has some big ass hands.    You see those things?


The Lord is my shepherd, he know what I want: Meagan Good

November 14, 2007

Hey, I was just bumping around the internet, doing what is it I do and I saw this.


Lord Jesus almighty. Hey, Arsenio said it best in Coming to America:

Only gawd, can make it-tah. Larry Flint-tah, Hugh Hef-nah, they can take the picture, but they can’t make it-tah, only gawd above the HUGH HEFNER ON HIGH (!!!) can make it-tah.

That’s how I feel about this babe. I mean, seriously. The Jets suck, but how can Thomas Jones be expected to give one damn sh*t about that when he’s making millions and banging out this chick at his leisure. Her J game is ridiculous. And I must ask, is there anymore room for me in those jeans?


And don’t think I missed that tiny bit of skin on the left.. Killing it. The lips, that purty hair, the boots, all of it. Such genius in her simplicity. Goodness! I feel like R. Kelly at a 3LW concert.


Hot dammit. Out.

– Lake

Are you ready for some Football? Wives and Girlfriends that is…

September 6, 2007


In honor of the first games of the 2007 NFL season, please take a moment to peep the NFL wives and girlfriends in anticipation of how these dudes will perform in the coming season. As always it is our position at the UvT Sports that you can positively predict how an athlete will perform based solely on the quality of his choice in lady. There are some glaring exceptions of course, Kobe comes to mind, but overall, it pretty much holds true.

1. Thomas Jones – Meagan Good

Let me just start by saying good guy Thomas Jones got a new start in NY with the Jets which is a good thing for his career since he doesn’t have to worry about Cedric Benson taking his shine. You know what else is a good thing, his lady Meagan Good in this see through black top:


(she knew what she was doing when she pulled that shirt down tight for the camera man)


Thomas, you gotta smile more for me bro. You are the man and I’m looking for BIG things from you based on Meg’s picture alone. Hot Dammit!

2. Ronde Barber

Ronde is a solid vet on a decent team in Tampa Bay. He’s got a Superbowl ring on his finger and regularly makes the pro-bowl. So why exactly is he married to Claudia Barber again?


Hey, I aint saying she’s not attractive, she is.. it’s just, Tiki went with the Asian invasion and so too did ole Ronde? What’s wrong fellas, sistahs just don’t do it for ya? Again, why do the “speak so well” brothas always have to go this way? Bryant Gumbel, Tiger Woods, that damn scarecrow brained prenup sucker Michael Strahan (hey Mike, the Prenup is supposed to be for your benefit, not HERS!!!!).. But all I’m saying to these cats is hey enjoy your life and do what you want, but try not to be so damn stereotypical. Ok? Moving on…

3. Jeff Garcia

Jeff “Garcier” joins Ronde Barber’s Tampa Bay Bucs team hopefully as an upgrade over that bum Chris Simms. Jeff proved that “Garcia” isn’t just a name for him with his caliente choice of a wife, Carmella DeCesare, the 2004 Playboy Playmate of the Year (take a bow…Jeff).


Now I know what you haters are thinking. You’re gonna hit me with that Randy Jackson luke warm love, “Lakey, she’s just ok for me dog. But I’m not all that impressed.” Oh really, peep these shots of ole girl sans Jeffery.


Yo, she’s got that Noelia look in her eye and you know what, I believe her.


Wow. There were rumors back in the day, thanks to TO, that Jeff was gay.. Um, if this is how gay cats rock it then maybe that hypocrite Larry Craig is really onto something. I mean, my word, what a hell of a cover-up for his supposed gay lifestyle. Arriba!

And of course there are more. For those of you who enjoy more ahem candid portraits there are a bevy of nude shots of Jeff Garcia’s wife, Carmelia DeCesare, that can be found HERE that I won’t post directly to our site. Of course, I haven’t looked at them either…I’m too classy for that.

4. Kurt Warner

Ummm, I don’t really know what to say about Kurt. His wife, well. She’s.. Seasoned is the word that comes to mind. Let me just show her to you:


Awwwww, come on homey. I mean, look. I’m not here to hate (well, just a little) but you just gotta come with something more than this with your wife piece. I’m sorry. This makes Brady Quinn’s lady look like Giselle or something. My word, at least Kurt’s lady lost some weight since her days on the Brady Bunch.


Kurt, for real. Look at Jeff Garcia’s lady and then look at yours. And you wonder why he’s starting in Tampa while you’re backing up Matt Leinart? UGLY!!!

I can’t do this no mo… I really just wanted to post that pic of Meagan Good and got carried away.. Oh well, I’m verbose, what can I say.

– Lake