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Senator Larry Craig (R) Idaho is still gay…

October 26, 2007

And now his past is coming after him. Meet gay man and half (black bear) about Washington, DC, David Phillips, he’s decided to ahem ‘come out’ and say what he knows about Larry Craig and his underground sexual trysts with men. Only this time it’s not foot positions, drifting fingers, and toe tappitties…nah, this time it’s personal.


Still no word of denial from Sen. Craig, though you just know it’s coming. Did any of you check out that guy’s act on Matt Lauer’s show?

If you can go on air and try to sell us that bill of goods, you’re capable of anything. And don’t you just love how he tries to laugh off the whole, “you may have had some paper on your foot, whoa ho ho hoooooo”.. LOL.. Nilla please. You’re gay. We know it. You’re a liar. We know that.


You know what I particularly enjoyed about that interview? His lying wife. You can just look on her face while he’s proffering those asinine explanations and realize A. even she doesn’t believe this fool and B. Notwithstanding that fact, she’ll still lie to the end of time because she realizes that her well-being is inextricably linked to his well-being.

Normally I’d say ‘just go away’, but in this case, I’ll say ‘stick around’. After all, you and all those brazen lies may just have the effect of opening the eyes of some of these voters out here in 2008. I can see it now, “my opponent isn’t being straight with you, he’s a Larry Craig Republican”… Then they flash this picture up on the screen.



– Lake