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Elton Brand Just Screwed Baron Davis

July 11, 2008

Last week Baron Davis signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.  Baron Davis at the point, Corey Maggette at the wing, and Elton Brand giving you 20 and 10 on the block and Baron Davis was feeling like this:

He was ready to make a real run in the west…there’s running in the west alright.  Running up out of LA.

Whoo whee, Elton Brand just signed that 5 year, Eighty Million Dollar contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Which means right now he is making a mixtape featuring:

Deion Sanders – Must Be the Money

Ice Cube – Today Was a Good Day

Beatles – Money (That’s what I want)

ABBA – Money, Money, Money

O’Jays – For the Love of Money

Great for Elton Brand, not so great for Baron Davis.  You know the crack reporting staff here at UvT got in touch with Baron Davis for the exclusive interview.

UvT: Baron, how do you feel about Elton’s new deal?

Baron Davis:

UvT: I know, jacked up right?  Oh by the way, Corey Maggette also just went to your old team, the Warriors.


UvT: So with that in mind, how do you feel about your chances of reaching the playoffs next year?


UvT:  You ain’t lied.  It’s probably going to be a bit of a longshot.  Got any last words for Elton?


UvT: Damn Baron, tell him how you really feel.

Good luck playing for another really mediocre team next year and for the next five years of your life…just like the last nine years of your life.