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Classic Material: All Cried Out, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/ Full Force

May 9, 2008

Does it get any better on the R&B Classic tip? Maybe Fire & Desire which might just be the best song ever made. But I dare anyone to find a better moment in R&B than when random dude came in on that second verse with that medium low voice talkin’ about “Never wanted to see things your way”… Oh mannn.. Run it!

Wait did you see that cat’s headgear? Had the curl/sash combo. Now was he from Cult Jam or Full Force? I could never tell. And yes, Lisa Lisa (why the double name?) could have GOTTEN it back then. Oh and look at Lake Sr. getting in there with see, that’s how you know it’s the 80’s… Now that I think about it, that’s kind of terrible. They just had homeboy laid back in the cut, sittin on swole wondering why the smooth YT/ambiguous latino cat got to lay down with Lisa Lisa.

Corny curl/sash/suit combo notwithstanding, this cat was MURDERING this song! That cat’s adlibs were spot on. Tender and thoughtful (no homo) but powerful:

Dude: Oh nooooo, I’m soooo sorry

Lisa: Apology not accepted, add me to the broken hearts you collected!!! Eyeeeeee!


Whoooooooooooooooooooo weeee. That’s crazy.

– Lake


Yo, I can’t stop playing this video.  You talked about the brother with the sash…let’s talk about this other cat.

First of all he has the jheri curl with the beaded rat tail on the left hand side.  But my favorite part has to be that blinged out treble clef broach that cat is rocking on the lapel.  Is that the early precursor to the jesus piece?  Did he walk into a jewelry store and say, “Hey, hey there brother.  I’m going to need you to make me a three and a half inch tall, diamond studded, lapel pin.  Can you put a pin in the top and the bottom so it doesn’t spin around?  Yeah, thanks.  I wan’t to make sure I keep it on the angle.  Yeah, that shit will be fly”.  Then he gets to the set and rocks it with his suit and wife beater combo.  That is fully ridiculous.

Also, you have to let the track run until at least 3:51 when my man from Full Force gets so worked up that he hits you with “I left ya SO confrused”.  Yeah, he sounds confrused as hell.