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I Want to Work For Diddy: Just Tranny Being Tranny

August 7, 2008

Come on man.  I feel like this whole Tranny babe on Diddy’s new show thing has hijacked my entire reality tv experience.  This week was suppose to be great for me.  Big Brother 10 was rocking and rolling, Making the Band 4, Season 3 was about to kick off (what’s up Junebug) and yep, the new show I Want to Work For Diddy was officially up and running.  And then it happened:

Come on maaaaayne.  I mean, on this promotional joint they led with that “dude.”  I mean, am I the only one who sees this?

How could this be?  Seriously, what kind of criteria could produce this “all gay” line-up we’ve got here?  Hello, just because a mufucker rolls up on you and says, “Hey, I wanna work fo’ Diddy,” doesn’t mean you actually have to give that mofo a chance.  And it’s hard to assume the show producers don’t know exactly what they’re doing.  I mean, who’s doing casting over there, Raz B?

And when you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.  Check out these shots of Larry eeeer Laverne Cox (and that’s really her/his last name, HA!) from I Want To Work For Diddy fame.

Saaay, whut?  Dude, there is so much wrong with this picture.  First off, I can’t tell if ole boy is loving it or hating it.





Dude, I’m just speechless.  I don’t even know what to say, what to do…  I mean, what happened?  I think Nicole Scherzinger said it best at the beginning of Come To Me:


Start acting like it!

– Lake