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Ridiculous Throwback Video

September 30, 2007

Hey, I’m not trying to have the “Throwback Video of the Day” like every other site. But I just happened upon this old classic, Knocking the Boots, by H-Town.

I mean, the song is just so terrible that it ends up being great in so many different ways. Here are a few observations that just came to mind:

  • Uncle Luke‘s stated definition of “knocking the boots”: “Knockin da bootz iz when two bootz come together making tasteful lust, hence, ergo, etc. etc. also known azz makin’ goo- love”
  • The pre-historic video hizzo lighting up the candles (remember when you used to do that, lol) with a damn blow torch
  • The stomp girate, stomp girate dance moves in the back by those Devante/Mr. Davin wanna bees
  • The high top fade/high top slope (which incidentally was out of style by the time of this song came out)
  • The non-fitted backwards hat piece, just hangin on for dear life on that fool’s dome piece as he speaks out his corny prologue

I mean, the list goes on and on… It’s all just so classic. I don’t especially remember actually knocking bootz to this song as it was probably a bubble song on my freakdown mega mixtape, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. Who am I kidding? I musta hit to this song at least once. Ok, nostalgia over..

– Lake

Oh and don’t forget that this song was made into “Knockin da boots for Christmas”…literally. That will make our “worst Christmas songs ever” list come December. Stay tuned.