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Kim Kardashian’s Ass(terisk?)

June 9, 2008

Now I’ve been firmly (heh) in the Kim Kardashian’s ass is real camp. Particularly since I saw…ummmm heard…about the way it tucked itself in from the top in that awful sex tape with Ray J. But now I’m shook.

Is that real? Is it fake? I’m about to call in the greatest assologists from all over the world and call an emergency session to make a final ruling based on new evidence. I can’t slap the asterisk on it myself, Lake, can you call it?


For Old Times Sake: Kim Kardashian

May 29, 2008

Sure she hasn’t made a sex tape recently (that we’ve seen…yet), but Kimmy K still wants to let you know she’s got the best tail game in the business.

Still crazy after all these years.

She even drops it low with not a scrap of draws in sight.


Lunar Eclipse: Kim Kardashian’s Ass Blocks Out the Moon

February 21, 2008

As astronomers talking about the lunar eclipse last night, this asstronomer had his eyes on another phenomenon.  Kimmy K hit the streets to let cats know she’s still got it, and can still get it.  So I’m gonna go back to our roots and give the people what they want.

First let’s take a look at the full on backshot.


Look people, she is just walking and the crease of her ass completely folded and tucked that dress up under.  If she learned how to clap her booty cheeks together, her ass might be able to fold the dress completely and put it back in the closet for her.

How about the baddest side profile in the business? (Biel makes a good run at it too)


The slope on that thang is crazy.  She’s giving it some extra arch in the back too.  Help me please!

Now what about when she gets that ass cocked?  No, not like that…although we’ve seen that already.  I mean when she cocks that ass to the side…damn we’ve seen that already too.  Intern!  Run my pic!


This gives you the real feel.  That waist stays tight while the tail really blows up.  Kim Kardashian, you are on the verge of the Us Versus Them hall of fame.  Just slip Lake that Aubrey O’Day Sex Tape and you will be a lock for a unanimous vote.


The Ladies: Since we’ve been gone

November 21, 2007

Look, Lake the Don has been busy handling a lil bitniz, but I figured I’d let yall understand a few things about the world we live in because the more things change, the more they stay the same. First off, Kim Kardashian is still smoking hot and she still has plenty of ass for the rest of black Hollywood and NYC to get at.


Enjoy fellas . Beyonce continues to impress.


“Damn, rest in peace Apollo Creed, she’s a monster, everyday is Halloween.”

Wow, if she could just get a believable and consistent wig game, I’d be really ready to certify her as a UvT level babe. I mean, I know most of the star’s hair is fake, but B just takes it all to a whole different level. Speaking of different level, I just never get tired of posting up these Jessica Biel pictures.


(does it get any better?)

Nice. Oh and we found out Britney was f*cking when she was 14… I know ones of people are shocked at that. Come on now, she was cutting in the trailer of her first video shoot. She’s a freak and though yall may not like to admit it, freak doesn’t know any age.. Come on, the first single was called “Hit me baby one more time.” That was no accident. Hell, even her promotional “innocent” shots were freakum joints.


Clearly Brit was ahem “all in” during this era. What are you going to tell me next, that she got breast implants?


Remember that first video, she just came in kicking and wilin out in that little school girl outfit?


I know, I know, she was empowering young women. It was just an extension of girl power… It was a statement. Right. Well, yall are kinda right, she was powerful.


Finally, I’ll post this up because I know plenty of you degenerates out there don’t care if a babe is virtual or in you warm embrace. Lake, he likes the real thing. That’s why I don’t get with these digitized hotties, but I know plenty of you have a jones for this Naked E-Angelina Jolie, so here you go.


I hope you enjoy. That aint here though. Uncensored joints which I can’t really say are NSFW are HERE.

– Lake

Thick white woman alert: Kimmy K (this is the remix)

July 24, 2007

Update: Check out our post with Kim Kardashian’s Playboy pics HERE!

Again, we don’t need an excuse to post these Kim K pics. For those who don’t know, that Kim Kardashian/Ray J porno was good n terrible. Good because Kim Kardashian’s body is insane, peep it:


Silky smooth and right.

It was terrible, well, because Kim wasn’t as active as you’d want from that body. I mean, you’re just expecting a Michael Jordan type performance (or at least a Paris Hilton type performance) and what we really ended up getting was Sebastian Telfair-esque. Don’t get me wrong, she did excel in a few key areas, just not the full performance I expected. At any rate, here are a few more gratuitous Kimmy K, thick as she wanna be pics. Enjoy.


Classy, smart, smooth and just what you want. I mean, I’m trying to make this tail piece out to be a fluke, but it just isn’t. It’s all her. Great.

– Lake