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Porn Before the Internet: Kiana Tom Flex Appeal

May 8, 2008

You want to talk about Classic Material? Let’s talk about early morning/late night ESPN back when ESPN turned into Strongman Competitions and Lumberjack challenges on the weekends. Now they’ve got the 6am Sportscenter, followed by the 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am and noon editions of Sportscenter. Back in the day, you just had Kiana Tom. Check out this hot girl on girl action.

Kiana knew what the hell she was doing! ESPN knew what they were doing too. They called the show Flex Appeal!  What more do you need to know? Kiana talking about proper form, watching yourself do it in the mirror, and back cleavage?  She’s got the green bra popping up out of the tied up spandex while she “works her pecs”. Then you get the old school early 90’s thong on the outside of the leotard. Look, when you don’t have the free access to porn that you have today (seriously, if you turn off safe search on Google you can enter almost any word in the english language and come up with some bucked nakedness) you throw on some Flex Appeal and those terrible ass movies that USA used to play hosted by Elvira and that was bout as titillating as your multimedia experience was going to get for a youngster.  Back in the day, before the internet…a little flex appeal with all the spandex and the legs got the blood pumping.

She keeps it looking good. All that working out, all that lifting and she never got too strong. Never showed up looking like this:

Oh, and as an added bonus she apparently has the full on butt naked NSFW shots out there. See! That’s exactly what I’m talking about…with the internet you can get the chick who you pretended was nude through all the spandex butt naked with a few clicks of the mouse. I didn’t look at the pics, but if you wanted to, you cold find them HERE.