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Collateral Damage: Kelly Tilghman

January 18, 2008

In “damn that’s fucked up” news, Golfweek editor Dave Seanor has been fired over his “noose” cover


Dave just lost his job for covering a story about a comment by a woman that has not yet lost her job.  Kelly Tilghman did it.  She was the one who forgot that she was on national cable television and dropped her lynch comment on Tiger Woods.

Look I get it.  Lake and I were knocking back a few intern supplied adult beverages last night and I told him.  If I’m a loyal subscriber to Golf Magazine, when I get my January 19th issue, I want to see “How to Improve Your Short game”, or “5 great new Drivers: Cut your score by 3 STROKES NOW!!!”  You know, GOLF information.  Like this:


I’ll tell you what I don’t want is a damn noose.  Look, as a black man, I don’t ever want anyone to send me a noose, real, photographed or otherwise.  Hell if I got the cover art without any reference to Golfweek magazine you best believe that Brock is going to be sitting in his front window with all the lights out and a shotgun in my lap waiting for a cat to try to slip up unannounced.  That shit ain’t cool.

I will tell you this.  This dude getting fired does not help Miss Kelly one bit.  She’s gotta go down now, right?  I hope she does before Lake goes off again.


Kelly wants Tiger Woods Lynched Part 2

January 10, 2008

I just heard that Kelly Tilghman has been suspended from her job at the Golf Channel for two weeks as a result of her “young golfers should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” racist blast. In case you didn’t see it, here’s the comment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As I said before: Not good enough. Again, that’s not a “N-word” slip up or a off color comment about some a miscellaneous Afro, oh no, that was 1. knowledge of racist statement, 2. application to a situation of white dudes and a black man and 3. execution of said statement IN CONTEXT. Shit, even this guy thinks two weeks isn’t good enough.


Pissed off man. I’ll say it again… I have no love for Kelly Tilghman and she should be FIRED! Nothing less is acceptable. People who think it was just an innocuous comment don’t understand the South, don’t understand Southern racism and don’t understand the history…. people like me and Kelly, we do. Trust me, she’s racist.

– Lake

Golf Analyst: “Lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley”

January 9, 2008

Sounds crazy, right? It is. And you’ll be surprised who said it.


Right, a pretty white woman from South Carolina. Go figure. This chick, Kelly Tilghman, made the comment ON-AIR Friday during the Mercedes-Benz Championship PGA Tour event in a conversation she was having with golf great Nick Faldo. She suggested that the younger players on the PGA Tour should “lynch Tiger Woods in a alley.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.So cute. Hey, for all you newly discovered racist (and that’s all she is, just a discovered one) apologists, you can save your breath about Kelly not being a bigot. Believe you me, SHE IS RACIST. No doubt, despite popular belief, racists don’t just look like this:


They also look like this:


And bigots don’t just look like this:


No question, they can also look like this:


Kelly is racist, believe me. How many of you out there just see a black person and immediately make a crack about historical racial oppression? Not many. It’s just not what people do (well, not most people). You know why, because this brand of racism just isn’t on most people’s radar screen. They just don’t have all the pieces to be a solid racist in 2008, but Kelly does.

In order to be a good racist you have to 1. have knowledge of the racist dig you want to deliver, 2. apply it appropriately in context and 3. have such a wanton disregard for the group you’re about to disparage that you’re willing to do it publicly. Kelly did all three and came up big in the clutch. She just went ahead and said it on the air like it was no big deal. Like you hear shit like that on national sports broadcasts all the time or something. I mean raise your hand if you think it was her first time using the word “lynch” with reference to a black person.


Nah, fuck that. Unless you’re gonna go ahead and dig up her Grandpappy who probably lynched Blacks down there in South Carolina, Kelly should be immediately fired from the Golf Channel. And consider where she’s from, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!!! It’s not exactly the most progressive place in the world. I’ve been there actually, Kelly would know as most Duke grads do, that Duke students go to Myrtle Beach after finals. When we went, this is literally what we found.


This is a picture of a restaurant in Kelly Tilghman’s hometown. She grew up on a golf course, please note the “Golf Packages Welcome”…you think Kelly hasn’t gone to eat there? You think someone who is from a place where racist symbols like this are accepted and THEN goes on TV talking about lynching a black golfer isn’t racist?!?!


And yes I heard that she offered a retraction. Hey Kelly, apology NOT accepted! If she is retained, then golf in general and the Golf Channel specifically, is exactly what we thought it was: a place where sentiments like these are accepted and welcome. I know, I know, these people aren’t racist anymore, it’s all in the past. That’s why Fuzzy Zeoller said what he did about to Tiger Woods after her won the Masters for the first time.

Now I see why Tiger works out as much as he does.


With all these supposed “friends” of his dropping racist blasts on him, I’d hate to hear what his enemies say about him. I can tell you one thing, with these shady racist southerners running around, he best not stop until he looks like this.


You never know, some of Kelly’s good ole boys from SC might take her up on her offer and take Tiger ’round the wood shed.
Fuck Kelly Tilghman!