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E.V.O.Oops: Rachel Ray leads the Jihad

May 30, 2008

Everyones favorite annoying cook stirred up a little controversy, or should I say her stylist stirred up some controversy when she got a little too edgy in a dunkin donuts ad.

Come on people.  Rachel is just trying to sell some Iced Latte.  She thought the little scarf with the strings was super-duper, yum-o or one of her other annoying little catch phrases.  The controversy is that little stringy scarf is a keffiyeh, the scarf worn by some jihadist terrorists.

Is it really that deep?  They made Dunkin Donuts rip their little add down.  Do you think Rachel Ray is packing a bomb in that latte?  Even Yasir Arafat thinks that is ridiculous.

We’ll if this is no longer cool there are suddenly thousands of wannabe hipsters in New York that suddenly ain’t got shit to wear this weekend.  Somebody tell Chris Brown.

And tell Colin Farrell

I guess the mainstream media just found this trend.  Trust me, by time a fashion trend makes the cut in a Dunkin Donuts ad with Rachel Ray, it is officially over.  Anyway, if Rachel Ray is interested in giving people some extracurricular activities, she needs to get back to hitting people with this.

Now that is a statement I can support.