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‘Tastefully done’ pics of Kim Kardashian’s naked arse in Playboy

October 28, 2007

“Well, the entire shoot was tastefully done and I had complete artistic control… and the photographer, Buck Naked, went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. It was great to work with those guys. I’m really proud of the shots”.


Isn’t that always what they say in those interviews when they’re promoting the smut shots? You know, they’re sitting on the couch with Tyra or Ellen, in some conservative suit, looking like they’re about to run for President of the PTA or something. It’s so hilarious. Just admit it, you laid down for a skin rag. Nobody really cares. Embrace it, this guy has.


(For real doe, if Hef aint the smoothest cat ever, tell me who is)

What’s hilarious about all this is that the message coming out of those skin rag shoots is always so consistent. Here’s a not completely unsafe for work shot.


Hef must give these chicks a post flesh handbook titled “I just laid down for a skin rag: how to minimize my hoe status.” Anyway, these pics aren’t UvT quality, but the breast-tah-sis and ass depicted in it is, so there you have it…And here are the rest of the naked ass pictures of Kim Kardashian’s boobs, titties, ass, tailpiece, breasts, badonkadonk (for all you cornball soccer moms)….oh I got one, money-maker <—– nothing more true has ever been uttered on this site. She disappointed me with the way she took it from Ray J, not that I saw it, but from what I heard, her show is generally terrible and without passion or interest, but she did rock a decent mic check and the arse and ‘boobs’ (for my YT brethren) don’t lie. Here are the NSFW pics. Enjoy. We’ll post up better ones when we get a chance.

– Lake