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Sample of the week: Kanye edition

December 14, 2007

I always find it interesting to see where all these hot beats come from. I mean, is Kanye really a “genius” as he’d have you believe or is he basically digging in the crates, finding catchy gem that was already a hit, dropping a basic Grand Master Flash drum beat on top and call it a day? I don’t know, it’s probably somewhere in the middle. It is pretty crazy when you see how much of the sample is used for a lot of these songs. Anyway, sample of the day comes from my boy Jay Blanco in DC. He’s a real herb garden, smooth grooves, poetry slammin’, cafe o lay drankin type cat, hence his knowledge of Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne.” Peep it.

And then go to that Kanye Champion.

Pretty damn close, huh? Not much of a leap at all for the self-styled “genius” of hip hop. Damn, what’s wrong with me today? I guess I’ve been drinking on that hateraid. I need to just quit.

– Lake