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American Idol Sex Tape: Jessica Sierra

February 21, 2008

Aaaahhhhh, American Idol Season. Sure, you get the basics, the people who can’t sing, the obligatory swishy black males, and the cut down to the top 24. That isn’t my favorite part. I love the AI scandal. You know, the ex-cons, the crazies, the scandalous my space pages. Well, now an American Idol, Season 4 Alum has taken it to the next level.


Jessica Sierra has a completely NSFW sex tape that has hit the net. You know our policy, we haven’t watched it. We don’t think you should watch it. If you are at work, you shouldn’t even let your mouse hover anywhere near the following link. Seriously, don’t click HERE. I hear the young lady displays a full range of “skills” and may just think she’s an actual pornstar….she certainly “finishes” like one…I hear…I haven’t seen it myself.

– Brock errr Lake