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Great Video: Now That’s Dancing!!!!

June 30, 2008

Remind me to cancel this trip I’m planning for Argentina (and you know this) in favor of that Jamaica No Problem. The dancing alone makes that move a no brainer for me.

LOL… Dude, I’ll never grow tired of a cat hooking up the acrobatic dutty wine (or is it wind? I don’t know) shits, only to finish it off with a hot back-flip, WWE inspired cross-check piece to the upper chest region. I mean, if this is how this cat dances with a broad, imagine what he’s doing to the tail in the sack. And the best part about it, the babes never seem to actually get hurt and they all get up smiling. I guess once you get done like that it’s either smile or immediately start whoopin ass. My word!!! I like it.

– Lake