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Tasers. They’re Always Shocking.

November 8, 2007

As we’ve already covered in a previous post, tasers are always fertile ground for commentary here at UvT. The Don’t Tase Me Bro dude got off, but not before he was immortalized in t-shirt, game, and MC Hammer Remix video form.

So we did a little research and there is plenty of fun with tasers out there on the web. Let’s start here.

Who knew that a electric shock made your face go all Popeye? How did those cats find a chick to go Jackass with them? I mean that babe stuck her nipple in a taser. Who does that?

Here’s another good one.

Not only does this cat pull a hot backflip when he gets hit with the taser, but that big female cop rocking the white socks takes a hell of a face plant on her approach.

Yeah, tasers sound like a great idea. I’m sure they make a great self defense mechanism if you catch a cat off guard and break out immediately after. Well here is how they do cats in my hometown of Atlanta.

Player. Taser instructions are as follows. 1. Tase. 2. Run. How are you still around to get shot five times homey? First of all you can’t tase a cat once he is already up in your ride. You’ve missed your window at that point. It’s like those chicks that “renew their virginity”…there’s nothing you can do, you’re already fucked. Second, where the hell are you gonna go? He’s already got your car at that point.

Next time, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight homey. Get yourself one of these: