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Firestone bags himself a babe

October 2, 2007

Andrew Firestone, the tire/wine kingpin and former star of the reality tv show, The Bachelor, is engaged…again. You may recall that Andrew was engaged to The Bachelor/The Bachelorette good girl, Jen Schefft back on Season 3 of the show.


Well now with Beyonce’s smash hit “Upgrade” playing in his ears, ole Drew went ahead and bagged a chick with “Actress/Model” on her resume. Indeed, Andrew Firestone’s pops just announced that his son is engaged to Actress/Model Ivana Bozilovic.


Hey, what can I say? I like it. I always thought of Andrew as the classic rich asshole, and I mean that in good way. There’s just something about that guy who can be such an uncompromising and unadulterated dick all the time, well, reminds me of me. Remember, this is the dude who kissed and fondled every single worth while chick on the show. Then he had sex with all three chicks in the “Fantasy Suite,” only to ICE OUT one of the contestants that very next day at the Rose Ceremony. Of course she made reference to what they did in the bedroom and how she wouldn’t have “done those things” had she known he’d eliminate her. Hilarious!!!


(what’s up pimpin?)

So I’m with it. Andrew is that cat. And his lady, she’s a gem. The second I googled her I saw her tits breast-ta-sis (sorry, but it’s true). See the NSFW also known as, you aren’t supposed to look at these, but I know you will joints right HERE. And HERE. AND HERE. I told you here joints are all over the net.


Old school attractive white lady, which is cool enough. She’s got a good look and oh yes, she’s from Yugoslavia.. perfect. Andrew, you best have that prenuptial tight. I mean how many times have you heard of some Eastern Block hard body chick coming over to America trying to find Andrew Firestone to make it big?



There’s an entire network, Lifetime, devoted to that story. But who am I kidding, a full on dizzick like Firestone is gonna have a tight prenup no matter who it is he’s marrying.


(does this chick ever take a picture with her top on?)


Sheyut, that cat probably has “break up” contracts with his brothers and sisters even just in case they get rowdy with the family loot. Do your thing Drew, congrats!

– Lake