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Aloha means goodbye, bitches….

January 2, 2008

Truth be told, there isn’t much in this world I care about less than this so called BCS Sugarbowl game with Georgia versus Hawaii, but it’s a the third quarter right now and it’s 38-3, ok?


At this point, the University of Hawaii Football team is just embarrassing the entire WAC (though, that conference name is embarrassment enough) and all 3 to 20 some odd islands that make up that wild state. Listen, Hawaii is good for this:


But yall aint got nothing to do with pitching this pigskin. I know, I know, Colt Brennan is a Heisman runner-up or something. Sure, he’s also a convicted felon.


Just terrible. And by the way, what’s up with all those wild Hawaii player’s haircuts? Perhaps if yall fools spent more time in the weight and film rooms and less time styling your dreads, captain caveman – mango salsa special, ponytails, mohawks, fabio inspired Missouri mud flap, pacific rim-afro-centric-asian fro piece maybe you cats could have put on a competitive game! I mean, look at these nonathletic lookin’ cats.


All out of shape and low looking. How you gonna come into SEC country, pineapple in one hand, rainbow lapel pin in the other talking about Sugar Bowl. Hell, I thought yall cats tried to get away from that Sugar when you changed your names from Rainbow Warriors to just plain Warriors.


Alas, the Rainbows are who we thought they were: Another soft team from a bullshit West Coast conference that has no business playing with the big boys in elite football circles.


And all that “superfan” nonsense is trash when you’re getting your ass whupped like this player. I know, I know, you beat everyone on your schedule…not anymore.  Put some damn clothes on homey.

– Lake