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Collateral Damage: Kelly Tilghman

January 18, 2008

In “damn that’s fucked up” news, Golfweek editor Dave Seanor has been fired over his “noose” cover


Dave just lost his job for covering a story about a comment by a woman that has not yet lost her job.  Kelly Tilghman did it.  She was the one who forgot that she was on national cable television and dropped her lynch comment on Tiger Woods.

Look I get it.  Lake and I were knocking back a few intern supplied adult beverages last night and I told him.  If I’m a loyal subscriber to Golf Magazine, when I get my January 19th issue, I want to see “How to Improve Your Short game”, or “5 great new Drivers: Cut your score by 3 STROKES NOW!!!”  You know, GOLF information.  Like this:


I’ll tell you what I don’t want is a damn noose.  Look, as a black man, I don’t ever want anyone to send me a noose, real, photographed or otherwise.  Hell if I got the cover art without any reference to Golfweek magazine you best believe that Brock is going to be sitting in his front window with all the lights out and a shotgun in my lap waiting for a cat to try to slip up unannounced.  That shit ain’t cool.

I will tell you this.  This dude getting fired does not help Miss Kelly one bit.  She’s gotta go down now, right?  I hope she does before Lake goes off again.