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Deelishis looking svelte: Airbrush or Trimspa?

December 9, 2007

Previously super thick chick Deelishis from Flavor of Love 2 fame is featured on Smooth Girl Magazine.


I love the Smooth line of magazines. They don’t bother with articles or hackneyed err witty lists of “Best places to get laid” like Maxim and FHM. No, they just go straight for the jugular, providing an array of glossy angles of various asses, breat-tah-sis and weaves in front of rims, rappers and an occasional LA beach scene. You have to respect it.


Those thighs are awfully slim. Not at all like what we’re used to. S0 I’ve got to ask you one simple question. Do you think Deelishis really tightened it up or did their intern just complete a 2 day course in photoshop over at the DeVry “University”?  I know, I know, if the tail is real so too could the slimmed down body.  Hey, why not just say the hair is real too, possible, right?  Uh, no actually.


Come on now, this babe is looking like a Roger Rabbit extra in this shot.  It’s definitely the brush.


– Lake