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Fake Soccer Fan: STFU

June 26, 2008

With this damn Euro Cup on, you know what is annoying as hell.  Those cats who act like they grew up in the shadow of Emirates Stadium with an Arsenal Jersey on.  You know these assholes that insist on calling it “football”.

Face it, that shit is not popular here.  We don’t really care who is in the bracket with Germany.  We don’t care how long Norway played a man down because of the Red Card.

Look, unless you are ready to cry when your team loses, willing to riot over a bad call, played through high school and college, willing to fight in the stands and do all of the other things that soccer hooligans are trained for since birth, just stop faking and watch the games.  We don’t need the extra shit.

That being said, Female Brazilian soccer fans are completely exempt from anything I just said.