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March Madness is the Worst, Best Thing Ever

March 16, 2008

March Madness is widely recognized as the best sports tournament on television. It let’s you know everything that is wrong with College Football, it gives you great storylines to follow, it gives the little team a chance to win it all. Anyone who goes on a six game winning streak goes home national champion.


I know, I know it has been seven years, but this is my house dammit. Respect the Blue Devils. Here’s the deal. Starting tomorrow, people will be spending hours trying to figure out if Indiana is going to beat Arkansas (by the way, it’s a toss up…I’m picking Arkansas to bounce back from that terrible loss to Georgia to clip the Hoosiers) Also, I know my man J. Maal Nahmsayin in the NYC is about to come down with a terrible disease that usually seems to flare up about this time every year. 48 hour flu, always starts on a Thursday in March, craziest thing.

UVT NEWS FLASH: Indiana has a chance to win if they bring back Kelvin Sampson and that naked Indiana cheerleader. What do you think about that gameplan Kelvin?


Yeah, Indiana….I pick Indiana.


So here’s what I hate. As of this moment there has already been over five hours of coverage about the matchups, the bubble teams that should have made it in, all the teams that might not have deserved to get in that made it, all that BS. Look I get it, theoretically any team can win. Practically those teams in discussion aren’t making it past next Sunday…mmmk? Arizona State was 19 and 12. You want to get into the tourney? Don’t lose so many damn games…how about that. Dayton? Let me tell you something, there aren’t any awards for RPI rankings. You want to matter in College basketball? Don’t lose so many damn games…in fact, don’t be in the Atlantic 10 conference, and while you are at it don’t finish the season 6-6 and don’t lose on the second day of your conference tournament. Thanks but no thanks. Virginia Tech?


I know coach, you’d have to be stupid not to let your squad in because of your “quality loss” to UNC. Go ask Brady Quinn and Charlie Weis about quality losses homey. An L is still an L. Enjoy that #1 seed in the NIT. You won’t win that either…that’s why your squad isn’t in the tournament.

See, Brock cuts straight to the chase I just did in five minutes what Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas have been trying to do for the last five hours. As a matter of fact, let’s address the “bad” teams in the tournament. Cornell, Baylor, Kentucky…you’ll be going home too.

Oh, and I usually don’t do this but uhhhhhh, Carolina got the overall #1 top seed. Roy, how will you celebrate?


Roy hit the flo, next thing you know, Roy got low, low, low , low, low, low, low low.

Psych-lo T, How about you?

Seriously…what was that “celebration” about? He looks like a nine year old fighting.. Ridiculous.