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Survivor Fans vs. Favorites Finale: Parvati Wins!

May 12, 2008

Well, it aint like Lakey F. Baby didn’t tell yall that Parv was going to win the million dollars…She did.

Anyway, congratulations to Parvati. She was definitely a better choice to win the game over Amanda. Honestly, aside from looking hot in her various outfits that were designed to show off that ridiculously rocking body, I don’t really get how Amanda could have thought she’d win again Parv. I mean, what did she really have? You had doe eyes Amanda:

Tight shirt, “my stomach is ridiculously tight” Amanda:

And “I fucked Ozzy (for real though) out in the dirt and next to some rats” Amanda:

And speaking of Ozzy, why did he go out like such a punk with that “you gave up my friendship for a million dollars” speech to Parvati. Wait, everybody is there for the dough, but you expect Parv to feel guilty because your cat ass just wanted her to keep you around so that you could take her out of the game? Is that how is goes? And with regards to this giving up your friendship for money foolishness, I think the only answer to that is HELL YES. Who wouldn’t give up your random ass friendship for cash. It’s not like she needs you to get coconuts and fish back in LA. SHE’LL HAVE MONEY TO DO THAT!!!

And Oz, all that rhetoric about falling in love with Amanda on National TV. Dog, are you serious? Come on homey, you played yourself. Can’t you smell a showmance when you see one? Plus Amanda is the most insincere chick in Survivor history. All those fake tears, doe eyes and bullshit was for the cameras son. She’s a pageant chick!

(Damn, does she ever look skrong in that bikini shot though)

Again, once Amanda gets to a place where they have restaurants, refrigerators and charge cards, Ozzy will cease to be relevant. I mean, just be glad that you were able to hit and move on. Damn, pull your skirt up son.

Lastly, for all the talk about Parvati finally playing a strategic game rather than being flirtatious, leave it to Parv to win based on flirting with some femi-nazi lesbian chicks.

I mean, the so called “black widow” Natalie was waaaaaaay off the board with that question to Parvati about her flirtatiousness in the game and how that translated to her sexual habits in the bedroom!

I mean, that was crazy. And no, neither Jeff Probst nor James got it when she dropped that random ass “question” about Parvati’s sex life and alleged flirtation with her terrible ass.

Lol. I mean, what was that about? I guess those little looks from Parv got ole Nat’s jungle juices flowing out there.

I can’t lie, Lesbian or not (and I’m not sure she even is) that Nat did have her moments with that extra aerobicized body. Though, I can’t support those balloons she calls breast. Them joints are faker than a three dollar bill. Still, that comment about how she thought Parv was flirting with her was unexpected and more than appreciated. Sadly, it came with all the manhater rhetoric, which I often enjoy actually, just not when there aren’t any dudes around. lol.

All in all it was a good season. Fine ass Parvati won.

Is it just me or does she actually look better out in the wild?

Definitely better natures way.

Moving on, Amanda’s fake doe eyed bullshit got her played again (she also lost in Survivor China) and we had some solid girl on girl, man hating subplots to keep it all interesting. As always a great show.

– Lake

The Dumbest Person in Survivor and Perhaps World History

May 9, 2008

I was out late last night taking in the DJing skill of Questlove, so I missed my standard Thursday night line-up of Maury Povich (lol), Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites and Lost. So I just now got to see this fool Erik get talked into giving up his individual immunity necklace for no damn reason, only to get immediately VOTED OUT of the game and di-rect-itally into the smack down hotel.

Yo, it was just unbelievable. Never in your life have you seen the intersection of such a nice, naive/trusting and STUPID person than this dude. I mean, watching this guy let’s me know exactly how George W. Bush got re-elected. We live in a Nation Full of Eriks!!! What an idiot. The only thing that matters in Survivor is NOT getting voted off. This cat Erik has been winning challenge after challenge. The women who were left on the Island told him, point blank, that they wanted him gone. Worse, this season has been particularly replete with all kinds of underhanded back stabbing surprises. So why in the HELL would this fool allow himself to get talked into giving up hard fought Immunity? I mean, if you’ve EVER seen this show, just peep how this cat gets worked over. You don’t have to know anything else BUT that he’s got Immunity, this other broad doesn’t and he’s by far the biggest physical threat left in the game.

I mean, that is just CLASSIC. What an asshole. And he’s a fan of the show too!!! Like, how can you not know that a bunch of chicks would want YOU, a dude who continues to whoop ass in challenges, out of the game? I hate to say it, but with stupidity like that, you got what you deserved.

Enjoy that budding Ice Cream Scooper career (no lie), NOT winning the Million Dollars and being known as one of the biggest dumb asses in Survivor, Reality TV and World history.. Damn. By the way, the Finale is on Sunday and I definitely will be watching. I’ve got to go ahead and put my money on Parvati to cut down the nets.

Oh yes, Parv is the best.

– Lake