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Elliot Williams is a Duke Blue Devil!

November 1, 2007

Thank goodness. To say we needed Elliot Williams is a gross understatement.


I’m definitely happy that he choose to lace em up with the Duke Blue Devils in 2008, we needed that. Everything I’ve seen and read about this 6-foot-4 combo guard is great for Duke. First, he’s committed to academics which is important for two reasons: 1. school will be a major priority, not just a tool to keep him eligible and 2. if he is a dominant player he’ll likely stick around a long so he can get that degree.

It’s hard to tell how a prep players skills will translate to the college game, especially early on in his career, but the tape on Williams is pretty sick. Peep it.

The thing you notice immediately from the tape is that this kid has handles, passing ability, hops, athleticism, a jumper, finishing skills and an attitude about his game. He kind of reminds me of Jason Williams, only without the power game (yet). Homey is a shifty lefty with all kinds of ability. I’m definitely looking forward to this. Elliot, welcome to the Duke family.


Also, you gotta give it up to Coach K and the crew for landing this guy. One thing we can see is that Duke knows how to bring guards in. Now if we can only catch a decent transfer or something to tighten up that post game and we might really have something.


Picture this in two years though: Two hot combo guards in Elliot Williams and Nolan Smith, G. Henderson at the three, Singler at the 4 and Zoubek or Lance at the 5. Scheyer in off the bench. Now that’s a squad. There may be hope yet.

– Lake