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Miles Plumlee, Brother of Mason, Commits to Duke

May 2, 2008

Huh? I won’t say much about this because my mother taught me if I don’t have anything good to say, say nay-thing, but I just don’t get this. First, Miles Plumlee iced out Duke’s favorite son and immediate past Associate Head Coach Johnny Dawkins when he decommitted from Stanford upon learning that Dawkins would be Stanford’s next head coach. Now DUKE is taking this kid….FROM JOHNNY?

Second, we’ve already got Mason Plumlee, you know the one who is supposed to be better than his older brother, so why would be duplicate that guy, quite literally, when plenty of people are wondering if Mason is even good enough to contribute to Duke hoops?

Not even Ernie got that one. You know who I’m starting to think isn’t getting any of this at all? This cat:

I said it!

But But wait it gets worse…..Maybe Duke can sign Marshall Plumlee too… After all, he’s still available in the class of 2011. In fact, why don’t we just make their pops, Montgomery Plumlee, Athletic Director and then install moms, Marvita Plumlee as the head of the English Department or something.  In fact, let’s just change the entire school name to University of Plumlee Tech at Durham.

Are you kidding me?

– Lake