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Don Cornelius’ Lady: “I Git Money, Money I Got”

July 17, 2008

Yo, one of our loyal readers, Jabber Jawz who recently relocated to DC, just hit me up with this pic:

Then we just chatted it up.  And since I can’t write anything more appropriate than the contents of the chat, I’ll just post it here for your review:

Me: see, i knew don c had yt,
his babe looks good too
i can’t lie
just a wild guess
she cheats
Jabber Lo: she is clearly there for the loot
Me: with a body like that
she’s taking that high heat
and it aint from young donald either
Jabber Lo: don looks like he’s in early onset alzheimer’s or something
Me: guarandamntee
Jabber Lo: he hasn’t had sex in years, clearly
Me: right
and she had it the day of this pic
Jabber Lo: LOL, right!
Me: one before it was taken
Jabber Lo: in the hot herve legler
spending all the loot
Me: once after someone saw her in that dress
Sent at 2:43 PM on Thursday
Jabber Lo: LOL
Sent at 2:44 PM on Thursday

I think that pretty much said it all.  Donny C. had a good run on soul train though.  At this point, I can’t even see Viva Viagra saving Lil Don though.

– Lake