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“…Played by ‘Johan’ Santana…(guitar solo)”

December 4, 2007

Ok, that is the one and ONLY Wyclef reference you’ll ever get out of me. Yes, that was my ode to “Maria, Maria.” By the way, what exactly did Clef do in that song if ole boy was singing and Carlos Santana was playing the guitar… Somehow uttering “East Coast, West Coast” doesn’t qualify as a collaboration in my eyes. Oh well.


Fresh off a World Series Championship and reports say that the Sox are the only team talking to the Twins about acquiring the best left hander in the game. Damn, maybe Theo really is the Don.


Let me tell yall something. If the Sox get Yo-Han Santaner, there’s gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing around American League ballparks next year.


Are you serious? Johan Santana, Josh Becks, Dice K, Curt Schill, Wild Wakfield and Jon Lester/Clay Buchholz? Are you serious? With those bats in the line-up? And who are the Yankees to be setting deadlines on people, yeah right, just like they weren’t going to deal with A-Rod if he opted out, right?


Whatever, let this deal go through and it’s gonna be a footloose Pap, a bedazzling Ortiz, Manny being Manny and another World Championship ring cementing the Sawks as a true dynasty.


I look forward to it. Wow.

Here is what Curt Schilling had to say about it on his blog:

A rotation featuring Beckett, Santana as the top two is pretty much as good as it can get. The thought of pitching behind these guys has to fire ya up. That being said I look at it like this.

If we make the move we’ll have done so with Theo knowing whatever he had to trade to acquire him he can restock those spots either from within, or via trade. How much is too much when you’re talking about trading for the best left handed pitcher in the game? How much is too much when you consider what he and Josh could do over the next 5-6 years.

Finally an opinion from Curt that I can appreciate.


The Boston Red Sox are your AL Champs!

October 22, 2007
Who you haters be talkin to, I’m you’re f*ckin boss
Blue and Red Sox fitted haters get lost!


Look, it’s been a long year of twists and turns, but the Boston Red Sox finally got it done last night in Fenway. Of course, your boy Lake Arlington, the self-proclaimed sports guru and certified Sawks sympathizer (not a full on fan yet) was there to soak up the experience.


After nabbing a pair of $300 tickets for Game 6 two hours before the first pitch, I just had to hit the Fenway bar scene last night. I would like to tell you it was wild, but it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I talked to no less than about 50 yoked and tatted up dudes who looked like Matt Damon in Goodwill Hunting running around with that “Howya like dem apples” look on their faces, got about 36 unsolicited, cornball sponsored high fives (or worse, the completely corny and uncoordinated, double high five) and another two thousand or so doing the Jonathan Papelbon river dance outside Fenway, peep that:

Bottom line was that as impressive as the Sox were on the field and as ardent as the fan base is here in Boston, which is literally the most passionate I’ve ever seen by the way, nobody was more ready last night than those Boston PD riot stormtroopers. I took some pictures of them on my cell phone cam, but it just didn’t do it justice. Just take my word, the LITERALLY looked like they wanted some shit to pop off:



It was pretty unsettling actually. At any rate, Dice K was hot last night and I was really happy to see that guy get his shine on for all the fans back in Japan.


Big ups to my second least favorite player in the MLB, Curt Schilling, for not f*cking up in Game 6 and Terry Francona who undeniably got it done despite some arguably shaky managerial decisions. At any rate, gotta love the Sox and you just know they gotta be the favorites going into Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday.


I’m quite sure Josh Beckett will take care of bitniz his way, I’ll be taking care of things my way.


Did I tell you cats that Boston is a good town? Plenty to get into out here…

– Lake