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Danity Kane and Bow Wow

July 25, 2008

Just a quick WTF?!?!? from UvT HQ.

What’s wrong with this picture?




Okay, I’ll go first.

Where’s Aubrey?

Why is Dawn’s face twice as long a Aundrea’s face?

Could D. Woods whoop Bow Wow’s ass in a fight?

Why is there a random disembodied pink gloved hand resting on Bow Wow’s shoulder?  It looks too far away to be Shannon’s.

Where is the other hand?

Who does it belong to?

Is it Bow Wow’s glove?

Is Shannon quietly the baddest chick in the group? (I’m personally a D. Woods guy)

If D. Woods stood up straight, would she be taller than Bow Wow?

And for Lake, what’s the difference between a hors d’oeuvres and a crudité?