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Brody Jenner’s Lady Has A High Belly Button

June 9, 2008

Right, I finally realize why these wretched high waist pants are in style. It’s because of Brody Jenner’s lady’s extra high belly button, right?

Damn, now on the right hand side we have a completely irrelevant chick with a negative ass. Next time I’ll airbrush the rest of her body out of the picture so that it can go join her ass in whatever witness protection program it went into, most likely at birth. On the left we have Brody’s lady, Cora Skinner. Now she looks right in that bikini. But I think we need another angle, 1. so we can take a gander at ole girl’s smoothed out midriff and 2. so I can get some conformation on those cave etched hieroglyphics Mr. Jenner has running down his side.

Is it me or is Brody looking a little loose in the middle? That Tat…I don’t know. I can’t tell if I like it or really hate it. At least he kept it simple. I’m just hoping he doesn’t have “Brody” running down the other side. Anyway, his lady looks pretty good.

From the front at least.

I’ll just pretend that this chick has ass, even though we all know she doesn’t. How about this, I’ll post of picture of her washing my errr Brody’s rims last year before she dropped ohh 10 pounds of USDA Grade B tail.

Not buying it? Me neither. I guess you can’t have it all.

– Lake