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BoSox bullpen too much for the Rox

October 26, 2007

Things went so well in Game 1 of the World Series that when I was listening to sports talk radio yesterday the hosts and a few callers were quibbling about the way the Sox won. I guess blowouts are somehow not satisfying enough. Sheyut, I love a Duke Basketball blowout. Anyway, some ole coot on the local Boston dial was talking about how he’d rather a close 2-1 grind out kind of win with pitching battles and suspense. Well, ax and you shall receive.


Last night was an epic win…AGAIN. First Okajima was dealing out there and then my man wild Johnny Pappel-seed came in and it was lights out nillas!!!


Really, a cat like me got everything he was looking for. First, the Sox won. That’s most important. Second, Curt Schilling got the job done, but it wasn’t the dominating, shut ’em down, “I had my stuff going” smack he loves to come with. We all know Schill views himself as some sort of religious savior.


Nah, this time, Curt was holding on for dear life as he tried to keep that one run lead. But to his credit, he got the win and the Sox moved closer to the promised land. Nice work fellas.. And what can be said about the Rockies? Geez. You can’t win em when you get blown out and you can’t win em close. I guess those bats are afraid like Cerano from Major League (great movie by the way). Still, you gotta man up more than you’re doing. You can’t just let the Sox bitch you up like this and not do anything, cuz right now it’s looking like this to me.


I must admit though and this is hard for me, but boy genius Theo Epstein is looking pretty smart right now. This team he assembled has gotten the damn thing done and young Theo is showing everybody that he and his philosophy really is not to be fucked with.

Let’s just hope they can close the deal. Good work though T, Boston salutes you.

– Lake

Josh Beckett and the Sox make a statement

October 25, 2007

Hey, this game was over before it started. Josh Beckett came out and gave the Colorado Rockies the business.


With this cat going this well, I’m not sure anybody will beat him. And you just gotta love the look on his face. He’s a full on dick and he just doesn’t give a fuck. I love it. When your ace let’s the diminutive rookie Dustin Pedroia take you out of the yard on the first bat, you know it’s going to be a long night.


Pregame, the Rockies said they felt no ill effects from the 8 day layoff. Well, if that’s the case, then they may want to call their local agent and take out a policy including this:


We’ll see how things go tonight, but Lakey has his favorite bottle of bubbly on stand bye already. It’s still early, but the Rox looked like they didn’t have a clue last night. And my boy Manny was KILLING those cats. Hell, even that clown Rudy Giuliani took time to jump onto the Boston bandwagon.


The rest of your clown Yankee fans need to come on in, get down with these Sox and just give up on your hopes and dreams of a viable team. Sorry, there’s a new power in town and it aint you.


And if you don’t like handling it like some gentlemen, we can get into some ole gangsta shit.





Tonight Curt Schilling, my least favorite Sawk, has his shot. Let’s hope he can get the thing done, if not, maybe he can comeback in Game 6 with a fake errrr surgically repaired bloody Sock which will serve as a metaphor for his massively ridiculous ego errrr devotion to the cause for the boys…Go Sox…and Curt, I guess.