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I Can’t Wait for New Year’s Day

December 31, 2007

You already know my opinion on the BCS.  I think the entire thing is completely bogus, and they just made up the matchups that they wanted to see.  They need a playoff system, and the “football” version of March Madness would be great.  All of that being said, I forgot about the worst part of the bowl system.

Three Words: PetroSun Independence Bowl.


Come on man, they didn’t even try on the logo.  That just looks like some BS.  Look, I don’t have any problem with the PetroSun bowl specifically, but there are just too many bowl out there.  With Alabama and Colorado, this game is semi-legit.  But Cinci v. Southern Miss. in the “Papa Bowl?  The Sheraton Bowl?  The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl?

That is really now necessary.  Donovan, you played ball, did you watch the “San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl”?


Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I know there is a lot of money to be made on these bowl games, but hasn’t it gone too far?  I know the “unpaid” students get to load up on free sweatsuits, Nintendo Wii’s, iPods, Stereo systems, and all of that other free swag, and the schools get to drop a few million in their pockets, but how do these cats even get hype for the game.  The players haven’t played in a month and a half, the game is literally for nothing.  Wait, maybe you get a Jostens Championship ring…but are you really going to rock your Gaylord Hotels ring?  I think not.

New Year’s day can’t come fast enough.  That way I can at least watch popular teams that probably don’t deserve to be playing a high profile game.  Right now, I can’t take it.  Hell, Lake and I are throwing the Us Versus Them Bowl in 2008.  It might be more like the lingerie bowl than an actual football game though.