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Man Up Monday: NCAA Basketball Coach Edition

March 17, 2008

In honor of the NCAA Tournament, this weeks Man-Up Monday is a tribute to the coaches who really went out like some punks this weekend. First, let’s talk about Dennis Felton of Georgia.


So here’s the situation. The SEC tournament was delayed because of tornadoes in downtown Atlanta. So what was the solution? They scheduled the games in the Georgia Tech stadium and didn’t invite anyone to actually come to the games. But Georgia had to play two games in one day. So after they win game one, in between games they go to the post game interview with Dennis Felton and he basically gives up on his team saying that having two games in one day is going to keep him out of the tournament. He straight GAVE UP ON HIS SQUAD. Thanks coach. Not only that, but his job was on the line. Felton was supposed to get fired if he didn’t make the tournament. That means he gave up on himself too. Here’s the kicker…his team WON the second game of the day, and last night wrapped up the SEC Championship.. Once again, thanks for believing in us coach.  On a side note, why is he rocking that old school Billy Dee Williams, Lando Calrissian style mustache?  Man Up!

Man Up part 2:

Check this call by the Kentucky coach:

He was down by three and didn’t want Georgia to go for the intentional miss, so he had his player goaltend the shot. Wellllll, the rule is that the shot counts anyway, putting his team down by four and his guy got the tech. It isn’t in this clip, but the look on that players face when he realized that his coach just gave away the game was priceless. Coach, Man Up, Box Out and take the shot to win the game like a man. You tried to break the rules of the game. Not going to happen that way buddy.

Bonus Man Up:

Goes to Clark Kellogg for picking all four number one seeds as his Final Four.


UCLA, UNC, Memphis, and Kansas? Way to go out on a limb, buddy. That is really some crack analysis you broke out there. Grow a pair Clark. Also, if you are going to rock the “forced baldy” (where you have the bald head not because you wanted to shave it, but because your hair was retreating already) you’ve got to keep your shape up tight. You can’t rock the George Jefferson pattern stubble.

Thanks…and Fellas….MAN UP!


Balco T and Heels sit atop both polls

December 4, 2007

The North Carolina Tarheels moved up to No. 1 and former No. 1 UCLA fell to No. 8 in the latest ESPN/USA Today coaches’ poll, released Monday. In addition, North Carolina remained No. 1 in The Associated Press poll. Not bad for the boys in baby blue. After Carolina took the top spot in both polls, Tyler Hansbrough aka Balco T was ecstatic.


I know what you’re saying, but Lakey, he doesn’t look so happy. Well, that’s Tyler’s happy face. If you haven’t ever watched the dude, he’s a pretty weird cat with a chemical imbalance I haven’t seen in the ACC since Tim Duncan was getting his robotic big fundamental on in the late 90s.


I pretty much thought the dude was a freaking cyborg or something like Bishop from Aliens. And just like Ripley, I don’t trust this big mufucka. Why not? It’s simple.


Tyler is either a really weird cat or he’s really peaking and tweaking on the best and brightest steroids they can find out there in Missouri where he’s from (clearly he’s not getting his stash from UNC, they just got the cotton gin last month thanks to a time capsule they stumbled upon).


Check out their English Lit Department.

I know, I know, it’s a great school and just as academically competitive as Duke. Riiight. haaa Look, I’ll admit, if Duke had majors in Hog tying, muskrat cookin,’ food shootin,’ Git’n her dun, Nascar, racism and tabaccy spittin’ as the Tarheels do — UNC at Chapel Hill would be a darn tootin tough school to beat. But since we don’t, I don’t think we want to be comparing the two schools academically, ok?

At any rate, somebody get Tyler Hansbrough a steroids test, tanning lotion and some clippers because I’ve pretty much had enough of what I’ve seen. Hell, this cat looks and acts like College Basketball’s version of Ivan Drago….”I play for me!!!”

tylerhansbrough.jpg 0310nose500x325.jpg262822.jpg

Until then or until he can show me he’s a normal dude with normal emotions and advanced language skills, he’ll be known as Balco T around these parts, ya dig?

– Lake

Should Taylor King get more time?

November 26, 2007

I read that every single Duke game would be televised this year but I guess not since that Eastern Kentucky v. Duke game was nowhere to be found last night. At any rate, I was happy to peep the box score and see that Taylor King went out there and got his a little bit as Duke smashed Eastern Kentucky 78-43.


HOME TEAM: Duke 6-0
                          TOT-FG  3-PT         REBOUNDS
## Player Name            FG-FGA FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE TOT PF  TP  A TO BLK S MIN
12 Kyle Singler         f  2-4    0-1    3-4    1  4  5   1   7  1  1  2  0  20
42 Lance Thomas         f  2-2    0-0    3-6    2  3  5   2   7  1  3  0  0  19
03 Greg Paulus          g  1-2    1-1    0-0    0  1  1   3   3  2  3  0  2  19
15 Gerald Henderson     g  4-8    1-3    1-2    1  2  3   1  10  4  5  0  0  17
21 DeMarcus Nelson      g  5-9    1-4    1-2    1  3  4   1  12  0  1  1  2  30
02 Nolan Smith             0-2    0-2    1-2    0  0  0   1   1  2  1  0  2  20
05 Martynas Pocius         0-2    0-1    0-0    2  0  2   0   0  1  0  0  0   3
14 David McClure           0-0    0-0    0-2    1  1  2   0   0  1  0  0  0   7
20 Taylor King             9-14   6-11   3-4    0  3  3   1  27  2  0  0  3  21
30 Jon Scheyer             2-3    2-3    3-3    0  1  1   0   9  3  2  0  1  29
41 Jordan Davidson         0-0    0-0    0-0    0  0  0   1   0  0  0  0  0   3
55 Brian Zoubek            1-1    0-0    0-1    0  0  0   4   2  0  4  0  1  12
   TEAM                                         2  1  3
   Totals                 26-47  11-26  15-26  10 19 29  15  78 17 20  3 11 200

TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 12-23 52.2%   2nd Half: 14-24 58.3%   Game: 55.3%  DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half:  6-15 40.0%   2nd Half:  5-11 45.5%   Game: 42.3%   REBS
F Throw % 1st Half:  4-8  50.0%   2nd Half: 11-18 61.1%   Game: 57.7%   4,1

He lead all scorers with 27 points coming off the bench in 21 minutes of play going 9-14 from the field and 6-11 from 3. Again, the one thing I love about this dude is that if he’s on the floor, he’s shooting.


There’s no uncertainty or worrying about taking too many shots. This cat knows he’s out there to shoot the rock and shoot it he does. JJ Redick had the same mentality and you just got to love it on this kid, especially since he’s a solid 6 foot 7 inches tall. Clearly we’re loaded at the wing, so this isn’t the best squad for TK to show what he can do and there are definitely some questions about his defense and athleticism, but I like it when, at a minimum, a player scores the ball when he’s supposed to.

I grow tired of these cats who need to get hot to make things happen out there. Taylor stays hot and gives Duke something a bit different than the rest of our wing players. So I ask you, should Taylor get more burn this year once the competition picks up? I think he should at least be given a chance. This dude has big impact ability with that three ball. I also like that ‘special skill’ flow since at times our offense looks a bit lacking in the know your roles department. I’ll tell you this, if he does get some more tick, he’s going to have to upgrade his pimp gear…


That black on black crime isn’t working and those fisher price, my first dress shoes kicks he’s rocking, terrible. Somebody get this dude some hush money and a magic shoe kit or something! Ha Just playing (sort of)… at least I didn’t talk about that kinte cloth, Maryland Terp alternate jersey looking tie piece. It may not be a raspbery beret, but it’s definitely the kind you find at a second hand store. Out.

Go Duke.

– Lake

Duke Hoops gets a recruit

September 27, 2007

It was just announced that Duke got a side stone (as opposed to a crown jewel) for their 2008 recruiting class. Olek Czyz, a 6 foot, 7 inch senior power forward from Poland (now balling in Reno, NV) gave his commitment to Coach K and his staff of Wednesday of this week.


Anybody who knows anything about Duke Basketball knows how crucial it is for Duke to land a hot class for the coming year so they can ran along side Scheyer, Henderson, Thomas, King, Nolan Smith, and Singler to make a run at a National Championship in two years. Olek Czyz, while having no real vowels in his name, might be a good complimentary player for that cause, but let’s be clear: WE NEED ELLIOT WILLIAMS & GREG MONROE!!!


Gotta like the look and feel of a young El in a Duke uniform.


With that said, welcome young Olek!!! I trust you’ll do your Polish lineage proud. Word on the street is you’ve got crazy ups (40 inch vertical) and love to dunk it around the cup. I like that.


(O is looking kinda swole in this shot, I feel you player)

Not since the Polish Power, Ivan Putski came on the scene have I been more supportive of an Ex-Eastern Blocker like yourself.


I’m sure that Polish connection you have with Michael K didn’t hurt either. At any rate, you are now a part of a movement and we’ll be loyal to you as we are all Duke Basketball players and alums. With that said, do me a favor, prime up homey.


Please, PRIME UP!!!


– Lake doing this (or something similar):