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Best Reason to Watch The Wire

February 13, 2008

In case you haven’t noticed The Wire on HBO carries the official Us Versus Them stamp of approval.  I admit, Lake put me up on it late and I didn’t get it at first.  Now that I’m in, I appreciate the nuances.  Like the fact that when Chris tells you you’re “good to go”, you can go ahead and kiss your ass goodbye.  It is almost as bad as when Jack Bauer tells you “come with me, you’ll be safe”, that means there is a 98% chance you are going to die, and a 50% chance that Bauer will be the one that kills you.

But I digress…

One of the best parts of The Wire is Clay Davis, a corrupt, trash talking politician.

Here is a montage of his favorite line.

That is not even the half of it.  He took it to the next level, he broke out all the stops, he laid out his trademark line like no other last week.