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Street Fighter 4: The Fighters Quit Their Day Jobs

March 25, 2008

Street Fighter 4 is about to come out so the World Fighters are going to have to come back together to do epic battle. What have then been doing all this time?

Dhalsim apparently took his long legged skills to the soccer field.


Let me tell you, that damn Dhalsim was a motherfuck*r to fight. My man K Reem used to dominate with that damn dude, couldn’t even get near him. I know sounds crazy, but that long leg, long punch combo was impossible to break down.

The UvT interns actually tracked down Guile too…


I guess he’s been working in a Karaoke bar with the son of E. Honda? Damn, he’s gonna need to do some push ups before he gets his ass whooped.


Let me know if anyone finds Chun-Li with those thick ass thighs. She might be the first virtual UvT girl. You know I’m right!