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Memo to Cleveland Indians fans: Lose the racist sambo mascot

October 21, 2007

Seriously, if you have a modern day Sambo as your team logo, you don’t deserve to win anything.


And maybe that’s why you haven’t won a World Series since 1948, it’s bad racism karma. I know, I know, it’s not offensive, it’s just that some local baseball team name and mascot are a part of your personal heritage (along with hoes, hot dogs, beer and kettle corn) and your buddy Cody, whose grandfather was “pure Cherokee” doesn’t find it offensive so why should anybody else. Believe me, I know.


Look, if I’m not mistaken your mascot “Chief Wahoo” loosely translates to “stupid Indian” so you’re not honoring anybody except your fat, stupid, loser beer soaked egos by keeping that disgrace plastered on all your gear, your stadium and your reputation.


Are you serious? Mocking a people who were (they are mostly DEAD) the indigenous inhabitants of the Cleveland area, people who were disrespected, burned off their land, mass murdered and then actively eliminated for sport… NICE. Very Classy. Why don’t you go ahead and pay homage to Slavery for your next Cleveland franchise or how about a play off of the holocaust, that oughta fire up the cosmopolitan and cultured fan base from Cleveland.


I hope the Sox stick that bat straight up you ass in Game 7. You losers deserve it.

– Lake