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Words I Don’t Trust

January 27, 2008

I was thinking the other day that there are words in the English language that I just don’t trust. They never mean anything good and are always trouble. For example, take the word meaty. Yuck. What the hell does that mean? Things that you want to eat are not described as meaty. (By the way, meaty has just been added to the ‘words not to Google” list….FUCK! ) Steak, quite simply, is meat.


Delicious. You don’t have meaty steak…you’ve never heard a steak described as meaty. It just is what it is. This is meaty:


Doesn’t that imply that it is something other than meat? That isn’t cool. Same thing goes for Cheesy. There is cheese, that is cool. But cheesy is what you call something that is not in fact cheese.


The White stuff is cheese, whatever that yellow crap binding the two hamburgers together is cheesy. That stuff ain’t right.

So this was really messing me up. It made me think that any adjective ending in “y” is bad news. But really, it is all about not describing something that is supposed to be anyway. Let’s take “juicy” for example. When describing juice, it probably means you are dealing with drink as opposed to anything associated with squeezing a piece of fruit. But, when applied to the aforementioned steak. It is actually a good thing. Of course, Juicy Juice adopted the moniker and made it their own.


That throws off the whole thing. Damn you Juicy Juice!

I’ve already gone too far. I apologize for sucking you into the madness.

Seriously though, until further notice, stay away from Cheesy and Meaty.